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Monday, November 29, 2010

THE STARTING 11: Failed re-branded Kansas City club names

Mixed in the pre-MLS Cup shuffle was the news that the absurdly named Kansas City Wizards (formerly The Wiz!) were being "re-branded" by their owner as the far more footballyer Sporting Kansas City. Opinion is split in MLS circles whether this was a necessary step in making Kansas City a more "respected and relevant" club or whether it was turning their backs on their, albeit young, history. Personally we think it's a massive improvement over one of early MLS's "roller hockey" names and a step which other clubs (i.e. Newton Heath to Manchester United and Dial Square to Arsenal) have made in their formative years. Apparently Sporting wasn't a home run though and there were a list of other worthy (or not-so) finalist names for the Nu-Wiz...
11. Kansas City City
10. Midwest Ham United
9. Olympique De Missouri
8. Kansas City Reals
7. Farma FC
6. Wizardhampton Wanderers
5. KFC
4. Kansas City Kaizer Chiefs
3. BBQ Hamburger SV
2. Corninthians
1. FC Kansaslautern

1 comment:

  1. I personally think that when this league was formed they hired the old guy who used to name the teams for "Roller Derby".
    Who else would consider Fusion, Metros and Burn names to behold within American culture.

    Favorite for me would have been Kansas City Herewecomes FC.