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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

All's not bright with Reds' Silent Nights

Brennan, Cochrane and Anselmi scout the Bethlehem Second Division

While Christmas was never set in stone as some kind of due date for Toronto FC to address its front office woes, many supporters had this time of year earmarked as the point where all would be settled. With barely four days left before Santa arrives (Claus, not a Roque Santa Cruz DP rumour) barely a thing has changed in TFC's front office since Mo Johnston and Preki were dispatched late this past summer. The time it has taken to replace those "masterminds" has been lengthy by any club's standard but is the delay due to patient consideration or misguided lack of urgency?
As Reds' supporters know, club owners ML$E decided to hire J├╝rgen Klinsmann and his company SoccerSolutions as "consultants" during this latest rebuilding phase instead of hiring a new front office staff immediately. Now many clubs choose similar due diligence before making major hirings but as time has gone on, the role of Klinsmann & Co. has become questionable. What seemed to be a mission to put the right people in place for a bright future has been muddled by talk of finding "philosophies" and "club identity". While those are important aspects of a club, they usually happen organically and can't be bought quickly, unlike the right people. In a recent interview, Klinsmann mentioned that a new coach would be in place by Christmas. It was this comment that upped the fans' expectations of pre-Yuletide action but will also make them fairly question Klinsmann's actual input with the club if nothing does materialise.
Even if supporters treat Toronto FC with the most delicate of kid gloves (and they usually do) the fact that January is less than two weeks away is definitely cause for some alarm. Now, ML$E could turn around and flip everything on its head tomorrow but as of right now, the silence from BMO Field leads many fans to believe that a form of the status quo will continue. Interim Director Earl Cochrane has been portrayed as worthy of being non-interim for some time and many familiar faces remain in place. There would be heavy disappointment but not a great deal of surprise if, after all this waiting, TFC 2011 didn't look much different than the version that ended 2010.
Much would be forgiven if ML$E decides to open the purse strings and put the right, experienced people in charge soon. There would be a level of goodwill and patience given to the team not seen since year one. But, time is indeed running out. When LA Galaxy were a shambles a couple of seasons back they took two weeks to hire Bruce Arena and a new backroom staff which changed their fortunes rapidly. TFC in comparison is now passing the three month mark of being seemingly rudderless. With the January transfer window, the SuperDraft and training camp on the near horizon the clock is ticking loudly. Even if (deep breath) they do hire the right people soon, a bright 2011 is hanging on by threads.

1 comment:

  1. Yep, couldn't agree more, the rebuilding opportunities and milestones keep coming and going (almost 3 months now since de ro's cheque signing- that's still not resolved), and we're all still stuck writing the same story, about nothing happening.

    One thing about this long wait, 3 months ago, i was very very disturbed at the probability that earl, jimmy, nick and co would be foisted upon the new hire as assistants. Now I'll just be relieved if there is a new guy to have assistants foisted upon. so well done mlse, just by doing nothing you've worn down my resistance.

    anyway, merry christmas to all here at the yorkies, keep up the good work. to paraphrase slade, look to the future now, it still hasn't even bloody begun yet.