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Friday, March 4, 2011

Letters from Camp: "Come Ornoch on our door..."

Jack's a big fan of the 4-3-3

"...TFC has taken a step that isn't new." Yes, three's company but fifteen isn't enough for a club roster, so - The Reds have rekindled their on-again, off-again romance with Canadian International midfielder Andrew Ornoch. The Polish-born, Scarborough-raised midfielder has been in flirtation with Toronto FC since last summer but it seems like now his time in red may have finally arrived.
As rumoured here, amongst many other TFC sources, Ornoch looked to be set to join TFC as a trialist early in January but a stumbling block seemed to arise. Online chatter included whispers that former Toronto management had promoted the idea to Ornoch that he buy out his contract with then-club, BV Veendam of the Dutch 2nd tier, to prepare for a switch to T.O. The whispers (like Mr. Roper listening at the door) then hinted that new manager Aron Winter wasn't as keen on Ornoch as his predecessors were, thus the deal falling flat. Like a Jack Tripper comedy soufflé. Of course, those rumours may not be worth the keyboard they were typed on and later rather than never, TFC officially welcomed the attack-minded midfielder to camp on trial today.
Of course, further tongues will now wag that this move is in reply to Adrian Cann's sudden departure from camp but as the two men play in completely different roles, it seems far-fetched. Unlike our old management, it doesn't seem likely that Team Winter would make a squad move out of spite. Either way, TFC still needs to fill out its rather small roster and Ornoch could represent a decent squad player if he can first impress the management, then agree to a fairly humble wage. With just over two weeks until the season opens and with a thin squad, it's not hard to imagine that a roster spot is Ornoch's to lose.


  1. I think that if they are bringing him in because in hindsight they thought that access to players would be simplistic. They were spoiled by the draft to the point of ignoring our draft picks. Ignoring Ornoch seems probable.

    Welcome to the realities of a capped single entity league. Apples and oranges as Anselmi said.

  2. @ Anon 10:01
    Great points. Was thinking the same thing myself. I think Winter has had a dose of reality in MLS team building. Kind of surprised Mariner didn't see it coming.

    In fairness - not too much time for them to prepare. 2011 will be for building only. Keep your expectations in check TFC fans.

  3. This love affair with signing Ornoch has got to end. I'd be very surprised that he's on the roster come opening day, but if he is it will be on a humble wage because his services have not been in demand. In fact, I anticipate that this roster is going to be a work in progress even into the early season.