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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another Cann of worms for TFC

No We Cann't

Toronto FC really needs to stop handing out "Player of the Year" awards. Mere months after team captain Dwayne De Rosario started making waves about contract renegotiations, his successor as team MVP, Adrian Cann, has decided to leave training camp due to a difference of opinion with his contract. In a spring full of optimism for The Reds, this move couldn't have come at a worse time.
For the 30-year-old Cann this represents a very high stakes gamble. A year ago there weren't too many clubs at the level of TFC interested in the occasional Canadian International yet he garnered, an albeit frugal, contract last spring. Cann indeed had a solid, steady year although many think his "MVP" status had more to do with the negative feelings towards De Ro last fall than Cann's play. In short, he is a capable defender - but very far from irreplaceable. As of now, Cann has turned down the club's new contract offer and has decided to play hardball in the midst of the club's most important stretch of training.
For TFC, and the new management team of Aron Winter and Paul Mariner, this represents an awfully tricky challenge. While Cann does deserve a payrise to bring him closer to a mid-range MLS defender‘s salary, he has yet to prove his long-term performance level in the league. In fact, Cann has looked rather out of sorts with Winter's new quick tempo passing style this spring. However, the dilemma for the club lays with the fact that the roster is dangerously thin and the defence in particular has looked shaky at best. Does the club bend out of necessity to preserve roster numbers, but risk opening the floodgates to future player petulance? Or, does the new management decide to make an example of Cann to prove who is in charge?
If you read between the lines of Winter's quote today it sounds closer to the latter. “We are disappointed that Adrian has decided to return home at this time,” said Winter. “Adrian is heading into the second year of a four year contract. We are currently in discussions with the League regarding the situation and are assessing the options available to us.” Winter and Mariner have not yet seemed the "pushover" types and they may choose this matter to illuminate that fact.
We cannot necessarily fault Adrian Cann without knowing all of the facts from the negotiations. It is true that he was making less in 2010 than he deserved but unlike De Ro, Cann doesn't have the MLS pedigree, long-term statistics and championship rings to back-up a hardline walkout. The Thornhill defender has likely squandered a great deal of goodwill that TFC supporters threw his way last year and if his holdout is seen as a deterrent to the club's early 2011 development, he may not be welcomed back at BMO Field by fans... or management.
Male modelling must be paying the bills…

Nice hat "Chico and The Man"


  1. let him walk, TFC have to draw a line with this.

  2. Very poor judgment on his side at the moment. Great start last year, but he doesn't have the pedigree..once your accepted by Toronto fans, your golden within this city...think there are a few who may jump at the chance to replace him for those reasons alone

  3. Clearly he does not fit the "new" team. I am sure that the business of moving him has begun. I agree that the words issued by Winter clearly imply that from a very professional frame of mind.

    I'd say a trade for an International spot would be a reasonable acquisition. While they are at it, get rid of MeRo and anyone else who does not honour Contracts.

  4. LOL - "Chico and The Man". You guys are the best.


  5. Stories are emerging that he asked for up to $300,000. Wow.

  6. ^ If the $300K stories end up being true then Cann is getting some very poor advice from a gredy agent. He would be laughed out of BMO Field and MLS. Good luck in the Swedish 2nd Division there Adrian. Stick to hat modelling Zoolander.