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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Letters from Camp: "Whole lotta waivin' goin' on"

Yes, it's the scouting we're interested in.

Toronto added a name to their training camp squad but it won't affect the roster size as it was one in and one out for The Reds. After announcing yesterday that Canada U17 standout and TFC Academy product Kevan Aleman was joining the senior squad in South Carolina, the team turned around today and cut Gambian defender Emmanuel Gomez. For Aleman, the reward for a great U17 CONCACAF tournament is instant and he becomes the latest Academy boy with a chance to join the Winter-Mariner youth movement. Sadly for Gomez, who isn't old by any means at 20, coming off of a long-term injury, using an international slot and being linked to the Mo Johnston era was one too many obstacles to overcome in the eyes of the new management.
Surely the only reason that Toronto FC announced a youth development and scouting link with Bagatelle FC was to score a place to stay on vacation. So... don't be surprised if training camp is in Barbados next year! That could be the only reason TFC are looking within the confines of the Caribbean nation's Digicel Premiere League. Even within that league, Bagatelle are practically the Wigan Athletic of Barbados. They definitely aren't powerhouses like Youth Milan, Pride of Gall Hill or 2010 Champs Notre Dame SC! Oh well, guess TFC will have an upper hand on good young Barbadian stars such as... and um... oh what about?
MLS clubs had to cull unwanted ballast from their rosters today (see Emmanuel Gomez) in time for tomorrow's MLS Waiver Draft. Toronto FC has the sixth pick overall and despite most of the players indeed being unwanted by other clubs, there could be a few utility pieces that TFC might be interested in:
DANNY EARLS: 21-year-old Irish defender who made 15 starts for Colorado in 2010
PABLO CAMPOS: 6 foot 3 Brazilian forward who scored 8 goals in 27 appearances with Real Salt Lake in the past two seasons
CARLOS BORJA: Lanky defender who made 8 appearances for Chivas USA last year and came up through the Cruz Azul youth system

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