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Monday, June 13, 2011

THE STARTING 11: Toronto FC complaints about air travel

All these screens and not one Jan de Bont film?

Few people who have to regularly travel by air for work claim that it is a pleasurable experience. Airport line-ups, cramped flights, security headaches and long delays are the norm for these weary airline commuters. For Toronto FC and their MLS brethren, fixture lists can sometimes mean criss-crossing the continent three or four times over a fortnight. This would be enough to test the most seasoned traveller’s patience and it will come to no surprise that The Reds have their share of Mile High Gripes...
11. Nana Attakora keeps getting left off flights because his "luggage wasn't performing well recently"
10. KLM doesn't fly between Columbus and Kansas City
9. Dan Gargan keeps letting people pass him in the aisles
8. Players forced to sit in 4-3-3 formation
7. Air Canada has a severe lack of Dutch cinema options on its in-flight entertainment system
6. Having to awkwardly pass Mo Johnston as he mops the floor at Pearson Airport's Terminal 1
5. Maicon Santos inevitably ends up doing the Lambada with the hottest flight attendant
4. Ty Harden and his mid-flight jazz-flute sessions
3. Every time Canada Customs asks Aron Winter if he has "anything to declare" he answers back "it is a pity"
2. Stefan Frei steals all of the mini Toblerones
1. Joao Plata keeps knocking from inside the overhead bin

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