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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Gargan not released - Fire'd

"What the hell do I do with that thing?!"

The Dan Gargan mystery was put to rest this morning with the affable defender's trade to Chicago Fire. It was widely reported, and accepted, that Gargan had received an outright release by TFC earlier this week but the club never made an official announcement.
Word has it that the Gargan release was nearly a done deal until Chicago Fire showed some last minute interest. After brief negotiations, Gargan was dealt to the Windy City along with a 2012 2nd Round Draft Pick for Dasan Robinson, a 27-year old utility defender. Robinson, by all accounts a Fire fan favourite and solid citizen, is a RB/CB who has made 82 appearances with Fire but only two as a starter in 2011.
On the surface, the deal seems like a slight upgrade for TFC but now creates more questions with a right side that features Robinson, Richard Eckersley and Eddy Viator. With all three capable of filling in next to Andy Iro in the centre, the move will do little to solidify the future of the one-dimensional (and Preki-leftover) Ty Harden. As with all of The Reds' recent moves, it would seem like the dealing may yet to be done.

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