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Thursday, July 28, 2011

THE SOUTH STAND REPORT: TFC v Real Esteli... Or Something To Live For

Toronto has had this unlikeable habit of playing for a few minutes, digging a giant hole then trying to claw out of said hole. While Sporting KC Lisbon Wizard Comets was an amusing exercise in drama, it's preferred to just play the whole game properly.

Real Estelí has nothing to lose here. A good result should knock out beloved Robins from Champions League glories this time next week.

Predictions : three call 2-1 for Toronto, another for 3-0 Toronto and a 1-1 draw.

5 - Johnson takes a cross from Morgan heading onto goal.

7 - Koevermans does a Superman impression and heads over the bar.

11 - Ball breaks down the left and Soolsma... Sorry, I was thinking about cats...

23 - Ummmm, back and forth blah blah blah...

32 - Frings is running back to clean up defensive messes in successive games. Santos, take some notes before you leave...

34 - Soolsma somehow turns two defenders and just shoots wide. That move dedicated to Suarez, who's drinking milk from his saucer at home.

35 - Johnson takes a Soolsma cross and it finds the head of Johnson and parried it over the bar by the Estelí keeper.

38 - Big cross has Zavarise leaping to kung fu the ball wide of net.

44 - Johnson turns his mark around for a low quick cross to Soolsma who pokes too early... Probably thinking about cats again.

45 - YELLOW - Zavarise for a slightly clumsy knock.

HALF TIME MOOD : optimistic with a chance of promise

49 - SUB - Zavarise out for Plata. Zavarise not content with that decision.

52 - Plata's first touch deceptively curves towards goal from way out prompting a leaping save.

56 - GOAL - Would've liked to watch it live (idiot flags) but the big screen replay shows that Plata turns a defender out and pokes it past short side. Winter made a good call there Zavarise...

64 - Johnson takes a big cross and heads it at goal. Easy save made to look difficult.

67 - Morgan has a 35 yard attempt heading towards the top right of goal gets pushed over. Crazy attempt but well taken.

71 - Stinson gets bulldog'd to the ground and someone for Esteli gets a booking which leads to...

72 - GOAL - ¡GRANDE PIQUEÑO! Plata strokes a ball over the wall and past a diving keeper. Magnificent!

72 - SUB - Stinson makes way for deGoo.

75 - YELLOW - Frings goes into the book for a tackle that was no ball and all calves.

77 - SUB - Martina comes in for Johnson who gets a well earned round of applause for an exciting outing.

79 - GOAL - Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. Kocic comes out for a ball on the right, and while sliding to protect the ball, it squirts out from under him and David Martinez picks up the loose ball and rolls it into the open net. Oh Milos, what a howler...

4 mins of Extra Time

90+3 - Plata going for the hat trick at 25 yards out put it towards the food building.

FULL TIME : Toronto FC 2, Real Esteli 1

Man of the Match : Plata for the brace
Goat of the Game : Kocic for the disgrace
Ref Rating : 3 out of 5. Should've been worse...

Team Ratings : Kocic 5, Eckersley 7, Henry 6.5, Iro 6.5, Morgan 6, Frings (C) 6.5, Stinson 6 [deGoo N/A], Johnson 7 [Martina N/A], Soolsma 6, Koevermans 6, Zavarise 6 [Plata 7.5]

Johnson is an early candidate for "deal of the year" as he was all over the 18 yard box... Surprisingly, there was less play-acting than expected, but still enough... Soolsma, cats notwithstanding, played a good game, certainly one of his better ones... Trying to wrap my head around whether TFC was really on tonight or just simply a better class above them... The flags were extra annoying tonight, regardless if they're allowed, they shouldn't be when a goal hasn't been scored yet... Maicon Santos didn't dress tonight which leads me to believe Preki is on speed dial in case he lands in Montreal... And Maicon Santos should be on the outs after the embarrassing attitude displayed at SKCLWC.


  1. If you don't like flags, move, we have enough so called supporters sitting on their asses ;)

  2. Still unsure whether TFC wants to get to the group stage. Did Plata misunderstand the game plan that Kocic was carrying out perfectly? Or was it the other way and I am paranoid.

  3. @anon 12:47
    Don't think he was saying no flags. I too missed both goals because a massive flag was being waved during attacking play. AND I stand the whole game and chant and sing since day 1. There's a place for the flags during celebratory moments but maybe not the huge ones during attacking play.

  4. So you're saying that we wave flags only when we score? Kind of defeats the purpose of bringing in flags to begin with. I never understood folks that want to be in the 'hardcore' section and be able to see game perfectly. I agree, if you're unhappy, move to 114 or any other section ;)

  5. I spent my first 25 years supporting football on the terraces of Elland Road watching Leeds. Try to find a more "hardcore" place to watch football and never a flag was flown. Being a "hardcore" football supporter would include watching every kick of the match wouldn't it? Or is our version of "hardcore" more about playing a role rather than going to the football?

  6. I'm a member of one of the main SG's and can see both of your point. WIthout the flags and songs BMO would be dead but also sometimes you can wait forever to see a goal and the guys waving the flags don't realize that since they can see, the people behind them cannot.
    It's just a balance of picking the right times.
    You are both right in a way

  7. That's your background, mine is different ;) Where I come from we had so many flags you could barely see pitch. Not debating how 'hardcore' you are, just saying that there are other sections where you can stand (or sit) without being bothered by flags, that is all. What's next, complain about drum?

  8. I've looked into moving within the south stands and there are no vacancies.

    And the atmosphere is dead when the team plays poorly (ie. all season so far). All the singing, waving and banging doesn't change that this side is mediocre. To make it worse, when something does happen, I can't see because someone feels obligated to make someone else's franchise feel "exciting".

    If the flag waver loves the flags so much, SWITCH SEATS. Easier to see through a thin pole than a giant cloth. Surely you won't mind...

  9. Never seen flag in 110, there surely will be seats up for grabs during relocation. You'll be safe there from giant cloths, talk to your rep.
    I am not sure what are you on about in regartds to "someone else's franchise", supporters support, regardless of results. And it does make a difference to players, waving flags, singing and banging, just ask them. Constant bitching, however, doesn't.
    Part timers complain and eventually switch venues, good riddance.