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Monday, July 18, 2011

THE STARTING 11: Recent changes in Toronto FC's dressing room

"Mr. Bojangles can partner me at CB boss"

To say the last few days have been a time of great change at BMO Field would be a major understatement. While most people familiar with The Reds are used to the revolving door with playing staff, the sheer amount of new faces in such a short period is still quite monumental. Such change affects the club at all levels of course but nowhere can it be felt as much as within the club's most inner sanctum - the dressing room...
11. "Hello My Name Is..." tags
10. Dan Gargan and Ty Harden's permanently packed suitcases
9. A countdown clock over Julian de Guzman's locker
8. "Lonely Planet: Nicaragua" guidebooks
7. Stickers on Danny Koeverman's boots saying "Pass Ball Here"
6. Dicoy Williams and Ryan Johnson's new pirate radio station
5. Intercity bus & train schedules
4. Joao Plata walking around like he's 5 Foot Tall
3. Torsten Frings giant ghetto blaster pumping out the sounds of hardcore "Oompah-Pah" and David Hasselhoff music
2. Andy Iro keeps breathing life into dead mice
1. 25 Copies of book "What to Expect when you Expect to be Traded"


  1. I've actually lost track and maybe some interest in the player moves. Somehow each year it becomes harder to follow this "club" from a simple fan's point of view.

    My emotional commitment is equivalent to my physical response and is proportional to the money I will spend. I have noticed that I spend very little on this team this year.

    Continuous disorientation causes other responses. But then I am not one of the clapping seals.

  2. I could get them a group rate on those Lonely Planet guides. If Dicoy & Ryan give me a guest spot on their show I'll let them use my employee discount on the books.