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Friday, July 15, 2011

Trillium transfer sees Tchani leave T.O.

Must have seen the weather forecast

Well, at least Tony Tchani won't have to Tweet about the strange Toronto weather patterns anymore. The young defensive midfielder, who was the main prize in the Dwayne De Rosario trade, was shipped to Trillium Cup rival Columbus Crew today in a multi-player deal as TFC's transfer window shuffle continues.
Strong English defender Andy Iro and mercurial French midfielder Leandre Griffit join TFC as the third and fourth new players to join the club in two days. Despite the number of new faces in such a quick period, the sudden glut of numbers in the midfield makes it easy to imagine that the dealing is yet to be done. While Iro fills a big hole in the back, Aron Winter & Co. will still want a steadier back-four and the phones are likely still ringing.
So, see you all here this time tomorrow?


  1. Tchani was a huge disappointment. At 22 if you can not win a header, pass the ball or stop the ball in an attack then I say "off to Columbus with you.

    I'm still not renewing my Season's seats.

  2. I don't think Iro's much more than a squad guy. TFC will still be exposed in that area of the field with him in there. He benefitted from playing alongside one the league's better CBs in Chad Marshall but lost his place to Julius James this season, another MLS journeyman. Struggles mightily in 1 v 1 match ups against quicker strikers and that's not a good thing against an upcoming Central American opponent in CL. I guess this is best the team can do within the confines of MLS, but I see this team going out in CL at the preliminary stage and also being eliminated from the playoffs because they are just not solid enough in central defence.