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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TFC doesn't sign Eddy Vedder

Viator: an Even Flow on defence

No he's not a the lead singer of TFC's new hair metal band (Iro Maiden?) but the club's latest signing will give its paper-thin defence a shot in the arm. Eddy Viator is a 29-year old Guadeloupe international who can play in the centre or right side of the back line. Cough, cough... Gargan... cough, cough, splatter... Harden.
The journeyman defender has played mostly 2nd tier club football in his native France and in Spain with the likes of Chateauroux, Amiens and the now defunct Granada 74. Viator also played in the recent Gold Cup for Guadeloupe where he performed admirably including during his start against Canada. By no means will he be a long-term solution to TFC's defensive woes but in the current state, he's a healthy body not named Harden or Gargan.

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