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Thursday, July 21, 2011

AFTER 90: "First day of the rest of our lives" postponed until Saturday

Dallastasaray: No Turkish delight

Before the transfer window season started we commented that TFC better have new players arriving like clowns out of a tiny car. Well, Aron Winter bought a Fiat and the players have come pouring out - so much so that no less than five new faces would take to the pitch on a very steamy night at BMO Field. Would tonight indeed be the dawning of the "new TFC" or would it be business as usual at "The House That Mo Wrecked"?
1' - Torontonians still 30 minutes away from usual arrival for the match, thus emptyish yet excitable crowds await. Kick-off...
2' - Biggest new name Torsten Frings goes for instant legend status with a free kick that tests Dallas' GK Kevin Hartman
7' - Crowd seems to have a nervous yet positive energy
14' - FC Dallas have complete control of the match and are shutting down any TFC attack with incredible efficiency
15' - YELLOW CARD: Eddy Viator is the violator
25' - Sad lack of Fries + Onion Rings on hand
37' - Once optimistic crowd now shaking heads and collectively sighing as it has become obvious that the "new TFC" has yet to gel
44' - First and only real chance for The Reds sees a cross reach Danny Koevermans' ample skull but ball's height doesn't allow him to get enough power behind it
45' - End of half as temperature and TFC's play both remain humid
47' - Surely part of Aron Winter's infusion of character players won't allow for TFC's old early 2nd half letdown would it?...
48' - GOAL: Brek Shea could have raised cattle with the amount of property awarded to him by TFC's defence. Ty Harden and to a lesser extent Andy "Mr. 100" Iro were guilty as charged as Shea blasted a great (and unobstructed for miles) shot past Stefan Frei who looked like he was having Vietnam flashbacks when the ball passed him
50' - Still yet to see unholy union of French Fry and Onion Ring. Disappointing.
52' - 90% of the stadium celebrates as Joao Plata seems to score the equalizer only for it to be called back controversially as offside
53' - SUB: Mikael Yourassowsky off for the equally enigmatic Maicon "Mike Sanders" Santos
55' - SUB: Nathan Sturgis off for the equally underwhelming Nick Soolsma
60' - The Goalblerone makes a massive save from a very unmarked Shea shot with Andy Iro clearing the subsequent rebound off the line. Solid.
62' - Kevin Hartman sees Frei's save and raises it with an equally big save from a Maicon Santos attempt
68' - Crowd downgraded from expectant to anxious to sweaty
70' - SUB: Plata makes way for Gianluca "I'm Still Here" Zavarise
76' - YELLOW CARD: The massive frame of Andy Iro was eventually going to get a caution. He is a big man.
86' - Santos gets a bit Brazilian and glances a header just wide of the Dallas goal
90' - The un-serviced Koevermans' has a chance to be an instant hero but a sharp cross gets tangled in his ankles - should have been an easy tap-in and equalizer
90'+ - Referee blows for full time as future still on hold
Perhaps it was all too much to expect a team that was nearly 50% new to gel that quickly. But, after 4 1/2 years and many false dawns you can't really blame the TFC faithful for hoping for better. It was a mixed bag for the new faces with Frings and Iro looking solid while Danny Koevermans was left isolated and Eddy Viator a touch nervy. Some of the "older" faces however contributed to the loss in much bigger ways. Awful nights for Danleigh Borman, Nathan Sturgis and Mikael Yourassowsky illuminated that while many changes have been made, more are in The Reds' future. It will take a while for TFC 2.0 to come together but for now the future has to wait until at least Saturday evening.
PLAYER RATINGS: Stefan Frei 6.5 / Eddy Viator 6 / Ty Harden 5.5 / Andy Iro 6.5 / Danleigh Borman 4.5 / Nathan Sturgis 5 (Nick Soolsma 5) / Torsten Frings 6.5 / Mikael Yourassowsky 5.5 (Maicon Santos 6) / Joao Plata 6 (Gianluca Zavarise 5) / Danny Koevermans 6 / Ryan Johnson 6
TALKING POINT: How many "new beginnings" are you allowed in one season? Discuss.

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