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Monday, September 26, 2011

THE STARTING 11: Pumas' hotel demands

The most interesting team in Mexico City

Some may say that being a CONCACAF super club is akin to being the tallest midget. To those negative nelly's we say... yeah, you're probably right. That being said, Mexico City's Pumas UNAM is one of the region's biggest and most storied clubs and when they roll into town they do carry some clout. We've always heard of rock stars and celebrities having outrageous demands when they visit our city, so we had to wonder - what would Pumas ask from their hotel as they mosey into Toronto?
11. Tabasco Sauce for morning coffee
10. Tell hotel security to just ignore nightly reports of firecrackers, cock fights and pistolas being shot into the air
9. Only want red, green and jumping M&M's
8. Every room to be provided with bowl of famous ethnic Canadian delicacy "The Timbit"
7. All TV's to be tuned into Telemundo so that no player has to miss the "Mexico's Got Talent" finale
6. Siesta wake-up calls
5. Complimentary fleecy bath-time ponchos
4. An extra room for the "Dos Equis Man"
3. Remove any of those "lazy people" from Belize from their floor
2. Front desk staff forced to perform Mexican Wave every time team passes by reception area
1. "The El Presidente Suite"

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