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Monday, October 3, 2011

THE STARTING 11: Toronto FC Philadelphia match preparations

Pictured: Fresh Prince (R), unnamed jazz musician (L)

With Major League Soccer's 2011 regular season winding down, TFC's players can look forward to the end of long pre-match preparations and training. However, before they can plan their holidays and look ahead to the 2012 Season (aka "SIXual Healing) their final MLS away match is on the horizon. A weekend trip to second-year, high-flying (don't get us started) Philadelphia Union. Philly is always a tough town for a visiting club in any sport and takes some special preparedness if you hope to steal a victory. How are The Reds getting ready?... "Yo homes to Chest-er!"
11. Blasting free kicks at Santa Claus
10. Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool
9. Aron Winter will row the club to the match across the Delaware River in a powdered wig
8. Shooting some b-ball outside of the school
7. Bob de Klerk sings Duran Duran's "Union of the Snake" during every team meal
6. Getting in one little fight - scaring moms
5. Making Ty Harden dress as the Philly Phanatic
4. Moving with aunties and uncles in Bel-Air
3. Running furiously on treadmill with delicious cheesesteak dangling just out of reach
2. Pulling up to their houses around seven or eight - yelling at cabbie "Yo homes smell ya later!"
1. Watching Rocky III - running along Cherry Beach in slow-motion with Carl Weathers

Wow, de Klerk was a real looker back in '84!

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