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Monday, October 31, 2011

THE STARTING 11: Major League Soccer Playoff promotional slogans

MLS 2021 Playoff brackets are set... Go Oklahoma!

We have never made any bones about it - we don't like playoffs in football... unless you're trying to get promoted to the Premiership (hello West Ham). Playoffs that decide a "champion" after a long, hard season is wrong on many levels but such is life in North America. It's better than nothing, we know. And by nothing we mean no local football... just hockey. So, barring the miracle of UEFA buying Major League Soccer we live with the wacky world of playoffs while waiting for Don Garber to expand the league to 64 teams in 8 regional divisions. With the playoffs still being the jewel of MLS' eye, we thought we'd suck up our bias and help the league with some needed promotional campaigns...
11. "Where the cream rises to the middle!"
10. "Like the FA Cup - but stupid"
9. "Rewarding 8th Place finishes with a shiny trophy!"
8. "Toronto-free for 5 Years"
7. "Where Colorado vs. Kansas is a thing"
6. "You can't spell F*** Off without Playoff"
5. "Henry vs. Beckham: 2003 is soooo jealous!"
4. "Ignoring the wishes of football fans - knockout style!"
3. "Who needs Single Tables when you have musical chairs?"
2. "Our commissioner’s name is almost Dong Grabber"
1. "Making regular seasons redundant since 1996"

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