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Monday, October 10, 2011

THE STARTING 11: Strange moments during TFC's Thanksgiving Team Dinner

Never forget.

With a coaching staff and a number of players far from home, it's always a nice touch to get everyone together for a bonding holiday meal. When Toronto FC sat down for their holiday supper, it was the first taste of a North American Thanksgiving for many of The Reds. The club no doubt wanted a special day for all involved but just like any family gathering, a few things went awry.
11. Club announces after dinner that 30 people showed up for the meal even though it was obvious that only 18 were in attendance
10. Audible giggling every time Bob de Klerk said "Tankshgivingsh"
9. Leftovers quickly rushed to BMO Field - put between buttered bread and readied for sale at next home match
8. Turkey out for 6 months with ACL tear in drumstick
7. Mysterious giant Tupperware container at end of table with "Property of C. Samuel" written on the lid
6. Danny Dichio dressing up in a pilgrim costume - giving Jim Brennan smallpox
5. Jacob Peterson going on Twitter from San Jose just to insult Canadian Thanksgiving
4. Aron Winter proclaiming dry poultry "a pity"
3. Belgian Mikael Yourassowsky offended by "racist" Brussels Sprouts
2. Bread rolls being passed down the table - slipping easily between the outstretched hands of Ty Harden and Andy Iro
1. Bitchy The Hawk... not seen since morning

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