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Friday, January 6, 2012

Dutch pancakes and links

"Mmm - you can barely taste the clog!"

Toronto FC got the SIXual Healing bandwagon / promotional tour on track today with a breakfast event for season ticket holders in Downtown Toronto. The second year manager Aron Winter held court and was joined by players Danny Koevermans, Stefan Frei and Ashtone Morgan. While the questions from TFC TV's Dan Dunleavy were mostly of the softball variety, some actual news was broken oven the sounds of chewing pannekoek.

TFC Director of Business Operations Paul Beirne joined Winter on stage to announce the imminent sale of tickets for the CCL Quarterfinal match against LA Galaxy at SkyDome. The price range will vary wildly from a respectably low $12 to a far too ambitious $69 per seat. Hopefully the lion's share of the tickets will be closer to the $12 dollar range, otherwise the dream of 50,000 attendance (no matter how many times Dunleavy promised that to the players) will be a near impossibilty.

Quite a coup for the club was made today as Winter announced that former USA U-20 coach Thomas Rongen will be the new TFC Academy Director. Amsterdam-native (surprise!) Rongen started his career with Ajax but spent the majority of his pro footballing life bouncing around the wacky world of North American "soccer" in the 80's. His most recent job was as manager of the official "Worst Team in FIFA" American Samoa. However, under Rongen, the American Samoans recorded their first ever international victory with a rag-tag line-up that included a transgendered defender! So that helps in recruitment.

The rest of the Q & A went as expected with Winter & Co. lobbing the expected answers to Dunleavy (when he wasn't promising "50,000 screaming fans at Rogers Centre).  Most promising was the continued assertion by Winter that Plata and Eckersley are "99%" likely to return. Now we can all just hope that SIXual Healing's mid-season lunch and post-season dinner events are as promising as today's.

Watch the entire TFC breakfast Q & A here...
For fun - do a shot of syrup everytime they say "50,000 fans"

Then watch this sexy Dutch clip...

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  1. Dunleavy's an idiot! Can't listen to his pbp at all. Just a Yank style homer.