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Saturday, January 7, 2012

THE WORD: TFC defence getting a bit Chile?

Aceval in the hole?

The rumours are boiling out of Chile today that The Reds are about to add a new defender to their ranks. If the Santiago media are to be trusted, then 28-year old centre-left back Miguel Aceval has already agreed on a contract with TFC and the paperwork is in the midst of being finalized by Major League Soccer.
While not a household name in these parts, the 6-foot tall Santiago native has had a solid career in the Chilean top tier which began with South American powerhouse Colo-Colo. Aceval spent 2011 with Universidad de Concepcion where he managed 5 goals in 30 appearances. 2011 also marked the defender's first cap with the full Chilean national side in a friendly against Mexico.
Early scouting shows that Aceval can play on the left side or in the left-centre of the back four which could mean a covering role to Ashtone Morgan in the vein of Danleigh Borman, or in a best-case scenario - the ability to replace Ty Harden's current starting role at CB. Worst case scenario? Lots more Chile / chili / chilly puns all round!


  1. Or...he could be a legitimate contender for the LB spot as opposed to being Morgan' back up. I read that he was a LB/LM player and not a CB candidate, so your hopes to get rid of Harden may be premature. I'd rather get rid of Iro, first.

  2. now that the season is almost over we're going to get the answer my friends

  3. Time to update or delate this article. Aceval was a bust. I think he came for the good times.