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Monday, January 9, 2012

THE STARTING 11: Extra reasons why SkyDome makes a good CCL venue

The halftime show will be spectacular!

"50,000 fans". This was the mantra repeated ad nauseam during TFC's Dutch Breakfast Extravaganza on Friday regarding the CCL Quarterfinal at SkyDome. There is a great expectation from the club's owners as well as many supporters that the fixture versus LA Galaxy will equal, if not eclipse, Montreal's memorable CCL Big O filler of a few years back. With reasonable pricing and the possibility of midfield lothario/snug boxerbrief aficionado David Beckham appearing, there are many reasons already to buy your tickets by the bushel. However, if you need some last-minute coaxing before ordering your ducats - would you really want to miss memorable SkyDomesque moments like these?
11. A cramped Chad Barrett being removed from the field in the back of the Monster Truck "Grave Digger"
10. Argos fans milling about downtown failing to see the irony of Toronto FC playing in their stadium
9. Tom Henke subbed in for The Reds in the 80th minute to help close off the match
8. If Galaxy gets an early lead - the roof "accidentally" opening to the harsh winter elements during halftime
7. Ty Harden constantly getting distracted when dribbling the ball over the actual place where Ultimate Warrior beat Hulk Hogan for the Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania VI
6. Expensive chip buttys being made from 100% public funding
5. Soccer moms holding silent prayer vigil circle that David Beckham's kit is "retractable"
4. World records shattered as streamers reach field from 500 Level
3. Bitchy the Hawk hunting - then removing googly eyes - of SkyDome mascot Domer the Turtle
2. Joe Carter winning the match with 90th minute penalty kick
1. Mo Johnston being spotted nude in SkyDome Hotel window


  1. 12. If TFC are trailing with second half injury time approaching, "Where the Streets have No Name" will blare through the loudspeakers and WE ARE TORONTO will appear on the jumbotron

  2. Number 10 is a classic!!!! Thanks for the laugh.

    "10. Argos fans milling about downtown failing to see the irony of Toronto FC playing in their stadium"