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Friday, January 27, 2012


Can-Am Connection - not Nut-Can Connection

A day after getting all kinds of pun-related gifts, one of our faves was pulled out from under us like a rug covered in health supplements. The Nutrilife Canadian Championship, or as we so lovingly called it - "The NutCan" - is no more. Instead, the Canadian arm of Amway Global will be the branded sponsor of The Voyageurs Cup tournament. "AmCan Cup" just isn't worth doing and we're not looking to get any lawsuits from either Tom Zenk or Rick Martel, so Voyageurs Cup (or V-Cup in a pinch) will do. In addition to the re-branding, it was also announced that TFC will face rivals Montreal Impact in the Semi-Final with the 1st Leg in Montreal on May 2nd with the return in Toronto on May 9th.
During the TFC Media Day, Bob de Klerk let it be known that nine TFC Academy products were taking part in training camp. He went on to say that there were possibly two standouts that could be ready for the jump to the senior club. According to the Canadian Soccer News, a likely candidate to be the next graduate could be striker Stefan Vukovic. The young poacher who led the CSL in scoring last year with 18 goals may have maximized his learning potential at the Academy level and, if rumours are to be believed, was garnering interest from some Serbian club eyes. If Vukovic can hold his own during training camp, he could find himself being mentored by top class poacher Danny Koevermans in 2012.
TFC PR has done a bang-up job in trumpeting their successful ticket sales campaign for the CCL showdown at SkyDome. In between bouts of self-congratulation, TFC media announced that only single seats were now available for the big night on March 7th. There are still questions about how many red-clad bums will actually be in blue seats due to corporate promo tickets and scalper's grubby paws, but if you're still looking to buy (legitimately at least) it looks like you're sitting by yourself. On the upside - it will give you the chance to debut your new Geovanny Caicedo chants to total strangers.


  1. How can there be only single seats - this doesn't make sense. I smell a rat. Thanks for the Tom Zenk pic LOL

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