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Thursday, January 5, 2012

TFC 2012 TBA no more

Twice to Montreal? That's handy.

Taking time from their busy schedule of designing dodgy new kits with blasphemous monochromatic badges, only being rumoured to actually sign players and wetting themselves over the possibility of David Beckham's extended stay with LA Galaxy, TFC today released the official 2012 schedule via Major League Soccer. Plan your lives accordingly to the unbalanced mess of a fixture list here.

While there are only minor changes from the leaked version of the schedule that went online a few days ago, the official version does have kick-off times so your drinking can now be planned in advance. Apart from that, we now get a little less Red Bull and a bit more Sporting but are still without a visit from Western Conference giants LA Galaxy, Seattle or Real Salt Lake. Someone at MLS headquarters obviously still believes we can sell out games no matter what. Alas, SIXual Healing now has shape.


  1. I wonder if I could get someone to sponser me for the MLS season? It would make planning my life around matches much easier.

  2. @ Kristin

    Surely if you were willing to live your life with a random Far East casino and online gambling syndicate tattooed on you for the season it could be arranged. I'm holding out for BIMBO for myself.