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Friday, February 17, 2012

LETTERS FROM CAMP: All quiet on the southern front

Eddie Johnson's a thing... right?

There's a strange feeling amongst TFC supporters that training camp is quiet... too quiet. So unaccustomed are we to a drama-free lead up to the season that some are getting worried. Why no more trialists? Why not enough friendlies? Why is no one threatening to leave the team? You can't blame Toronto fans - it's just all so new.
To fill the void (a little) TFC will play a scrimmage today against University of South Florida (Up The Bulls) in preparation for their upcoming participation in the Mickey Mouse Cup next week. Sadly no footage will be made available as Florida has somehow become more rural to TFC TV than Turkey was last year.
What's that you say? You still need more crumbs? Well you can always hold your breath for the Eddie Johnson MLS allocation process. One "lucky" team will get their hands on the American striker who didn't have the best European sojourn after ditching MLS. TFC has the fourth highest shot at landing Johnson and despite seemingly needing some Koevermans cover, don't appear to be interested.
Still bored? Come on - we're trying! For those of you out there who still harbour negative views or at worst apathy towards Julian de Guzman, the Toronto Sun's Kurt Larson catches up with the Scarborough native to find out where he's at. The sometimes unfairly maligned midfielder has some interesting thoughts about his time with TFC, the future of his contract and the tactical naivety of Preki.
Most TFC fans have heard about the club's "TFC Dream Job" competition by now. The Yorkies are of course endorsing applicant Maurice J. but couldn't help wonder what specific Twitter hashtags the club may have used if this competition had been available in the first four years of the club's existence...
#BarretBallCollection / #TopRowOnly


  1. I hope #GerbaGirdler comes with hazard pay.

  2. ^ You need a good 8 foot clearance

    1. Perhaps some sort of pulley system...

  3. Larson's interview of de Guzman was somewhat underwhelming. I wish he would have asked him how he felt at the time about the signing of Frings (another defensive holding mid, like himself) but more significantly about Winter's comments at the same time about Frings providing the team with "midfield leadership." Wasn't that what JDG was supposed to be providing? Knowledgeable fans know what his role is but truly knowledgeable fans also know that you don't need to support a now $350 000 cap hit for a player of that particular skillset in this particular league. Unless the team has a really strong playoff run with de Guzman leading the way in his role, he won't be back. He'll get a low ball offer and then the two parties will go their separate ways.

  4. @ Anon 11:03

    Have to agree with the way you see it. It will take a season of amazing performances for de Guzman to be offered a DP extension.

    Not hard to imagine the club offering him a non-DP extension while his side finds that to be unacceptable. This would likely see both sides going their separate ways. Useful DM's in MLS do not often neccesitate DP contracts.

  5. In a recent interview he himself talks about his "role" and the gap between fans' expectations and what he does best. To me, that's a role player personified and as such needs to accept the economic reality of this league.

    I hope he stays healthy, plays well, and makes important contributions to both club and country in 2012 and then he finishes his career in the more pleasant climes of the Iberian Peninsula.