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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Yorkies Cards 2011 - Pack 5

When plotting these cards out, we opted for a heavy TFC slant (obviously) and because I wanted to use those mock logos here, we went with at least one player from every team in the league. Some favouritism was shown for ex-TFC players because to be honest, I don't know crap about Colorado's players short of Marvell Wynne. Also included was hair guru Brek Shea and the biggest little man on the pitch anywhere, Joao Plata.


  1. Seriously, Dallatasaray is my favourite thing you've come up with!

  2. Think Plata's card should be a hologram...cause he was unreal in that Dallas game. :) And thank you for finding such a terrible pic of Shea...although they're all terrible. :)

  3. Cheers Possum,
    We are blessed to have a card and logo genius who shares our love of puns and world football badges in equal measure. Glad you're enjoying!

  4. @ Kristin...
    Just be warned... if you print up this set, the Plata card is to scale. Approximately the size of an international postage stamp. The Brek Shea one may or may not come with a numbered/autographed blonde hair in a protective wrapping.

    1. As long as it's a hologram...:)

      As for Shea - I was expecting an additional booklet on hair styling and/or product samples.