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Monday, February 20, 2012

THE STARTING 11: Special features on the 2012 TFC Kia Optima

Oooh, love that ginger detailing

In what is turning out to be an annual corporate cross-promotion, auto-maker and club sponsor Kia Motors unveiled a "Special TFC Edition" vehicle. Once again, Academy coach Danny Dichio and team barista/dodgy hairstyle enthusiast Jim Brennan premiered the car, a 2012 Optima, at the Toronto Auto Show for a rapturous crowd of sub-compact coupe aficionados/fans of the English First Division (1993 - 2006). The eye-catching car certainly shows of its "football flair" but there are a few other TFC-esque features under the hood...
11. The GPS navigation system is narrated by Bob de Klerk
10. Adrian Cann autographed mirrors warn "OBJECTS IN MIRROR MAY BE MORE HANDSOME THAN THEY APPEAR"
9. Stefan Frei and Milos Kocic are constantly arguing about who gets to drive the car first
8. Satellite radio system only plays hard Rotterdam techno stations
7. Body paint available in black, silver or Eckersley
6. Lease option allows Earl Cochrane to trade in 2012 model for Nathan Sturgis
5. Car automatically squirts windshield washer fluid at the new Montreal Impact Peugeot hatchback
4. Environmentally friendly Gasoline/Chip Butty hybrid
3. Lots of good seats still available!
2. Aron Winter tires
1. It goes 0-100 in 6 years flat

1 comment:

  1. Comes with a warranty labeled...
    "The 5 Year Plan".......