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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Yorkies Cards 2011 - Pack 3

We would like to thank you for the outpouring of positive feedback for this project. It took a long time but know that it was a labour of love, so if you hate on them, too bad. You should see the printed version. You'd swear you bought them at a hobby store. They're shiny and pretty. Sure, I could've gone all holographics like Upper Deck, but I don't have that kind of dosh for what is really an elaborate joke. Anyways, the third pack includes retiree Kasey Keller, Mikael Yourassowsky, and Sebastien Le Toux.


  1. Wednesdays & Saturdays are quickly becoming my favourite days!! Nice nod to Carver. :)

  2. I'll Trade someone for another Chipp Butty card. I have an extra Carver.

    I want a Mo' Card.

  3. I'm holding out for the coveted Mike Sanders card before I do any trading.

  4. John Carver "In Memorium"? So lolz!!
    No Chris Cummins hologram card?