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Thursday, February 9, 2012

LETTERS FROM CAMP: "My God, they're full of stars!"

"You are just on loan Dave..."

In the most uneventful (in a good way) pre-season of Toronto FC's history, we can't help but gaze into the distance at our next meaningful opponent, LA Galaxy. In one of the shrewdest moves in MLS governance, Galaxy persuaded the league to allow them to use Mexican Pesos as their salary cap currency. This has to be the explanation for a club that already boasted David Beckham, Landon Donovan and Robbie Keane but has remarkably added Edson Buddle, Sao Paulo defender Leonardo and extended the loan of midfielder Juninho in the last fortnight. If the peso-policy isn't real, then you'd almost have to believe that MLS wants LA to be a "superclub" and face fellow giant Seattle in the CCL Semi Final on their march to the FIFA Club World Cup. But that thinking would be crazy right? Yes. Crazy. After all... there's "proof" out there!
Sadly for LA Galaxy's accountants, their fans can't join in on the excitement yet. The club had to cap attendance at the CCL QF 2nd Leg against TFC at 7500. In their defence, the average mid-March temperature in Los Angeles is a chilly 19 degrees Celsius. Brrr. That is far too cold to enjoy a prawn sandwich.
While the details of who is available for TFC in the CCL QF seem to be ever-changing, CONCACAF has made it clear that Eric Avila and Jeremy Hall cannot be selected. Both players were included in other CCL squads in the current Champions League season which leaves them cup-tied. There is an appeal process for TFC to lobby CONCACAF but those two players seem to be no-go's. Avila's absence will be felt the most but does give rookie Luis Silva a shot at early SkyDome stardom.
Terry Dunfield reveals that he had successful surgery on a nagging hernia problem this off-season. The Canadian international claims to be nearing 100% after the December operation in Germany and is raring to go in 2012. The groin tear was suffered while still with Vancouver last season which could explain why Dunfield's TFC appearances could be described as "sparing" at best. Even if fully fit, it may be hard for the affable Canuck to crack the Starting 11 regularly with a lot of competition this year in the middle of the pitch.


  1. LAG had to cap the attendance because Home Depot Center is on a college campus. The agreement between AEG and California State University - Dominguez Hills is that during school nights the stadium capacity is capped depending on the hour of the start of the game. CSU-DH has to do that because they are a commuter school. It is a shame that the mighty Galaxy have to play under these conditions but it is something that it has to be lived with until Farmers Field is built.

    In regards to your mexican pesos argument:

    If i were smart I would keep my mouth shut until the mls players union releases their salary figures around mid season. Until then they are baseless speculations.

    1. ^ Thanks for the info on the Home Depot Center stuff. That is interesting but a bit sad for league's "marquee" club isn't it? You can always join us up here for the first leg - we can fit in a few more amongst the 40K + at SkyDome.

      As far as the salary cap goes... it was tongue-in-cheek. Playing on a lot of fears fans have about NY and LA and their ability to attract more stars than other MLS clubs. We know that geography is more of a factor. As far as keeping mouths shut if we were smart... well no one has ever accused us of being smart.


    2. Nice going... now people think we're a news source.

  2. Maybe you should put a "Sarcasm Included" stamp on your site for your sensitive and irony-free friends to the south

  3. @ The Yorkies...
    "Boom goes the dynamite!" lol