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Saturday, March 31, 2012

SOUTH STAND REPORT : Toronto v Columbus... or a taste of things to come?

 They may kick start your heart

Breaking with tradition, there's no rain or a wind that could hospitalize the ill-prepared.  Its sunny, nice breeze, cool.  The weather I expect with football in March.

Toronto has been The Hulk in Champions League, but mild-manner Dr. Bruce Banner in the league.  0-0-2 without signs of fight so far, so can this game be any different?

Predictions were mostly pro-TFC with many 2-1 and a 2-0 with one 1-1 draw called.

Onto the match...

8' - First attempt on goal headed downward by new acquisition Logan "Screech" Emory (look at this and tell me we're off) but the ball goes wide.

11' - Koevermans get good shot on goal from the top of the penalty area that ends up in the hands of Andy Gruenebaum.

13' - Emilio Rentería chases a ball down towards the touch line and momentum takes him over the advertising signage, thus eliminating him from the Rumble. (He was OK)

Quote of the Match
Where are ya from ya I-hole?
~ Brandon claims he was asking if the ref was
from Ohio, but that's not how we heard it.

41' - PENALTY - Olman Vargas gets "taken down" in the box. *cough*bullshit*cough*

42' - Saved by Kocic diving to his right.  Good outcome from a horrendous call.

Half-time Mood : positive and feeling good.

45' - SUB - Soolsma gives way for Silva.  Soolsma had a very solid first 45.

50' - high-level playing from the Robins as Plata plays a ball to Silva whose one touch rolls on to Koevermans foot.  Good stop from the Columbus keeper.

56' - GOAL - deGoo loses possession and the counter attack from Bernardo Anor runs in on goal. "Screech" got the tackle in but had no control of the ball, resting on Anor's path and pops it past Kocic from 7 yds out.

Robins 0, Crue 1

64' - SUB - Avila comes on for Dunfield, who played all over the midfield.

74' - YELLOW - deGoo gets booked for what may be a foul, as a Columbus player collides into him and falls to thr ground like he was knifed.  Meanwhile, the ref chooses to ignore other Robins being pulled and dragged without a thought.

84' - SUB - Burgos comes on for Plata who played a more patient game than in last weeks disaster vs San Jose.

4 minutes of extra time

Full Time: Toronto 0, Columbus 1

Man of the Match : Kocic for the save on the erroneously called penalty

Goat of the Game : none

Ref Rating : 2 out of 5. He was pretty bad.  Yellow cards not given to Columbus players, wrong yellows given to Toronto.  Had Kocic not saved the penalty, he'd have earned a 1.

If points were earned on merit and control, Toronto would've earned all 3 points as Columbus threatened rarely... I might be crazy but Avila runs like an Olympic race walker.  By the time I figured it out he stopped running so next time, watch and tell me I'm crazy... Harden has been playing very well lately.  Though he could be better, you have to think he's playing to keep his job as the starter now that Cann has entered the substitutions bench.  If that's what it takes for solid performances, he should be under threat all season... The capos must have been frustrated as it appeared most people chose to watch the match instead... Soolsma's half-time substitution, Avila's appearance and lacking Lambe today all points to a Wednesday evening in Torreon... This the first time seeing "Screech" at home and he looked fairly comfortable in the back... If the development of the "continental game" involves more diving, I suggest that Canada applies for UEFA tomorrow. I'm still reeling from the poor sportsmanship of Santos, and the antics of Gruenebaum and Anor rolling around after fair collisions reopened the wounds.  Gruenebaum took a collision from his teammate and was probably going to do the rolling around until the teammate told him.  Seriously, toughen up.

Food for thought for next year, if you are going to bring your significant other to a match and there's a delay between GO trains, check to see there isn't a trade show going on at the Direct Energy building that is a magnet for women of all ages.  You WILL be suckered into a trade off.   Learn from my mistakes and plan accordingly (to go stag, if you are stuck).

Kocic 7, Harden 6, Eckersley 6.5, Morgan 6.5, Screech 6, Dunfield 6 [Avila 6], deGoo 6, Soolsma 6.5 [Silva 6], Johnson 6, Plata [Burgos N/A], Koevermans 6


  1. Excellent wrap-up as always but you get a demerit point for the sexist trade show woman magnet comment. :P
    It's a good thing I have a high appreciation (did I mention how much I love my cards?)for your graphic genius or we'd have to stop being friends.

  2. Great game analysis, wonky with the post-game wonderland lack of appreciation. I would never ever, ever willingly miss out on a "One of Kind Show". I am a happily married older fellow, but I think of that show as a chance to see some artistic wares and the eye-friendly ladies that make them. Plus we bought birthday gifts for a daughter and a sister-in-law. Plus, plus many folks were TFC aware and friendly and I found myself talking to merchants and customers alike about the frustration of having the advantage without the finish.