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Saturday, May 26, 2012

THE SOUTH STAND REPORT : Toronto v Philadelphia... or would a Chumbawumba quote be just too absurd?

Here's a fun fact about being 0-0-9 AND national champions at the same time : you start to expect things.

The mighty Robins looked really good against Vancouver mid-week and their persistence / luck paid off (finally).  So as an opportunity to build momentum, the scheduling gods predicted both TFC's pending mediocrity and corner-turning momentum to hand us a date with one of the second-worst teams in the league in Philadelphia.  Perfect dramatic context to this fixture.

Today's match is under the heat and humidity expected for late-May in this area.  Our 6 weeks of spring has passed us already.

Predictions :

A bunch of 2-0 and 1-0 guesses, with a 2-1, 3-0 and a "4 and up"-0 for the Robins.  We had a 2-0 for the visitors and a for 0-0 draws.

Quote of the Match :

Oh look, all the blogs I don't read gotta stick together

~ @jonsinden commenting on @theyorkies1812, @rohankoomar,
, @wakingthered and yours truly all sitting together

We're a cartel.

8' - Plata takes a boot to the face but the ref gives advantage and Lambe fires a shot at the Philly keeper Ogopogo (I'm SURE that's his name) who parries it back into the path of Lambe who gets around the downed keeper and shoots it across the face of goal, albeit at a tight angle.

30' - YELLOW - Morgan goes into the books for a bit of a rough tackle from behind.

43' - YELLOW - deGoo for something.  Didn't see.

Half-time mood : Optimism slipping into a deep deep sleep.

50' - A Farfan (there are twins) has a go from 30 yards and the rocket hits the cross bar.  Too close.

54 - SUB - Lambe makes way for Eckersley.  Though I'm disappointed for Lambe going off, there must be more to it, I'm excited to introduce the new terrace classic!

(to the tune of The Beatles "Let it be")

He was just a young lad in
Man United's academy
Raging ginger right back

Out on loan for a season
permanent move from Burnley
Raging ginger right back

Eckersley, Eckersley,
Eckersley, Eckersley,
Raging ginger right back

60' - SUB - The battered Plata makes way for quotemeister Koevermans.  Bag a brace Danny!

63' - Cross from Frings gets headed down by Henry, forcing a big save from Ogopogo.  Koevermans right there waiting for a loose ball.

70' - SUB - Soolsma comes on for Silva.

88' - GOAL - Soolsma from the left puts a low cross that Ogopogo gets to but can't hold onto, Koevermans bobbles and thighs the ball into the back of the net.  Rock rock on!

4 minutes of extra time

90' - Soolsma gets another low ball to the top of the 6 yard box where Johnson is there and tries to battle his defenders for a space to shoot instead of passing it 3 yards to his right to a wide open Koevermans.  Disappointing.

Full-time : Toronto 1, Philadelphia 0

Man of the Match : We debated a few names and we're going with Cann.  Now, some of his clearances were suspect but he marked his man very well and wasn't caught out of position.  Frings was the obvious choice and he played very well, but just not this time.

Goat of the game : I'm going to go with Johnson only because he should have had better play on the ball and some of his shots were bad.

Ref Rating : 2 out of 5.  Nowhere near as bad as the V-cup match with Vancouver, but still terrible and inconsistent.

Happy for Koevermans and the goal.  He needed to prove to himself and his teammates that he wasn't quitting but frustrated.  Message received... Philadelphia's kits are ugly.  I like the colours, just the kit is terrible.  It looks like the designer spilled gold paint on a navy shirt around the neck.  They are not pretty.  Consider going for 3 wide gold stripes on the front and navy all over... Frings' body language just screamed frustration.  Not sure if he's frustrated with his game, his teammates' games or everyone's game.  But I get it... Who else gets frustrated with deGoo's hostile antics.  It would work if he were tough and had a reputation as being tough, but it comes across a bit juvenile.  Conspiracy is his contract gives him monetary bonuses for yellow cards collected... Good lord it was humid today... Do you ever wonder if "bad reffing" is endemic of MLS, football everywhere, the general lack of respect of players towards officials and how that transposes to supporters or the general lack of acceptance of technology for the officials to do a better job of making the correct calls.  Or is it just me thinking that MLS officials are terribly substandard... Finally some of the supporters are singing songs with negative epithets (i.e. swears) along with the upper echelons of the TFC front office. Too late or better late than not at all?

So there's going to be a bit of a break from home team footie, I would like to appeal to you, the soccer supporter.  This won't be a heavy handed approach, this is just plain and simple.
Canada v USA is June 3rd for the Centenary match
Canada v Honduras is June 12th for a World Cup Qualifier. 
Come to one, come to both.  Bring people you know and people you don't know, but come.  Show those who support the visiting team who's house their in.  

Player Ratings : Kocic 7, Hall 6, Cann 7, Henry 6.5, Morgan 6.5, Frings 7, de Guzman 6.5, Silva 6 [Soolsma 8]; Lambe 6.5 [Eckersley 7.5], Johnson 6, Plata 6.5 [Koevermans 7]

If following me on twitter @ignirtoq is wrong, then I don't wanna be right.  Don't know how amusing I am in 140 character limits, but I chime in.  And follow the others too from the quote of the match bit.  They're usually the instigators of footy-related absurdities.

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  1. Us instigate? We resemble that remark!

    Excellent recap as always. That song! Seriously, that needs to be a new feature.

    The anti-management songs were hopefully not just a one off. I say better late than never; any awareness (whether true awareness or just having a laugh) is positive. Can you imagine the entire south end doing those chants? :)