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Monday, May 28, 2012

THE STARTING 11: Toronto FC vacation plans

A shirtless Richard Eckersley, yesterday

After racking up their many league win, Toronto FC players have been given a much-deserved (?) rest during the International break. While some of the squad have been called into duty for their National sides, the remaining players and staff get to enjoy a little fun in the sun before their next MLS fixture. This got us wondering... just what does a member of "The Best Team in Canada" get up to when faced with some early summer r n' r?
11. ARON WINTER: Visiting local hospitals - offering "pity"
10: DICOY WILLIAMS: Continuing to maintain the football world's most dramatically emotional Twitter account
9. BOB DE KLERK: Getting "promoted" to new role as TFC's "Assistant to the Regional Equipment Manager"
8. REGGIE LAMBE: Hanging out with Joao Plata - feeling tall
7. NICK SOOLSMA: Visiting Orono, Ontario's "Jungle Cat World" - sending Suarez a mournful postcard
6. RICHARD ECKERSLEY: Searching Toronto-area pharmacies for the elusive SPF 470 sunblock... before it's too late!
5. TORSTEN FRINGS: Buying souvenir baseball caps - reversing them
4. STEFAN FREI: Working on his beard - trying to get "Swiss Hobo Chic" trending in men's fashion
3. ADRIAN CANN: Working out his abs into a 14-pack
2. DANNY KOEVERMANS: Taking family up the CN Tower - proclaiming it as "the world's worst freestanding structure"

1. TOM ANSELMI: Deflecting/scheming/plotting/sucking

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