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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Amarikwa! F*ck Yeah!

Apparently, with just under 2 weeks in the transfer window to go, Toronto FC is on the verge of signing 24-year old American forward Quincy Amarikwa.

The Up Side : He's young, he's probably cheap, he's a forward and most importantly, he's a PLAYER.  Toronto's roster is badly depleted and with a lack of depth at defense as well as a lack of anyone up front, so this is a good move.  Especially if he's free and they're paying him in sandwiches.  Baloney.  No cheese.

The Down Side : In his 56 games over the last 3.5 seasons, he's averaged a mere 25 minutes a game, with a peak of 34 minutes last season, so he has bench power.  Is bench power a thing?  Let's see if we can trend this sucker #benchpower.  Also he's been good for 1 goal per year, and too bad he's already bagged his allotment for this season.

Excitement : meh.

He could very well be a diamond in the rough who just needs a chance and there's always room in the spotlight in Toronto, but that's the optimist writing here.  If Quincy is going to break through, one must think it has to be "Toronto or Bust... or USL Pro".

So where's the rest of the signings.  Just sign Stalteri for the remainder of the season already so there appears that some effort was made.


  1. Stalteri...God, dont give MLSE any wrong ideas ;)