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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

THE SOUTH STAND REPORT - Toronto v Colorado... or OMGWTFDannyNoooooo...

Dude, that was horriffic.  Can we blame the turf?  Gillette Stadium?  Unfair.  Poor Danny K out for the season with a torn ACL.  Just when it was OK to put away the umbrellas, here we are on the cusp of another sh*tstorm.

Strangely enough, Toronto did hold off New England long enough to take all the points and are in the midst of a 2 game win streak.  Can you logically call 2 wins in a row a streak?  I can't.  3 or greater is a streak, 2 is a smudge.

Thankfully that tag team known as Heat & Humidity aren't nearly as rampant as they've been the last week.  It's comfortable outside.  Perfect weather for a good game of football.  Now the 'good' part could be problematic. #cautiouslyPessimistic

Predictions are 2-1 from yours truly.  Silva and Lambe will do it. Other predictions were 2-0 for the Robins, 1-1 and 1-0 for Colo Colo Colorado.  Joined at the match by @theyorkies1812, @kzknowles and @RohanKoomar, it's time to settle in...

On to the match:

3' - Avila barrels into the box and has his attempt tackled away.

3' - PENALTY - Silva fights with two defenders and gets hauled down by the keeper.  Should've been at least a booking for Pickens and very possibly a sending off but...

MISS by Johnson.  Smacked off the post.

Ryan Rule #1 : He can't control a shot.

Ugh.  Saw that coming.

20' - Our neighbours brought their adorable baby.  Whosacutebaby? I said whosacutebaby? You are! Yes you are!  Hi there! *hands covering eyes* *hands opening* Peekaboo! *hands covering eyes* *hands opening* Peekaboo!

23' - GOAL - Connor Casey scored.  Don't care how. Distracted by the baby girl with big eyes and the big smile.

Robins 0, Colo Colo 1

And no, it's not bad parenting to bring a baby to the supporters end.  It's planning for the future.  It takes a village to raise a child, and even if our village is dysfunctional, insane and probably disturbed, it's still our village dammit!

27' - Silva and Lambe do a nice 1-2 just outside the box but a clutch tackle takes away a great opportunity.

37' - Johnson gets on the end of a cross and heads it just within the reach of Pickens.  OK, that wasn't too bad.

Ryan Rule #2 : He can't control a shot with his feet.

Half-Time mood : meh.  Same as it ever was.

57' - GOAL - Well la-dee-dah.  Ryan Johnson fights his way past a defender, may have handled it a bit, and deftly toe-pokes it past Pickens.  Fine...

Ryan Rule #3 : He can't control a shot with his feet
when he has more than 3 seconds to think about it

Robins 1, Colo Colo 1

59' - SUB - Avila comes off for new acquisition Weideman.

64' - After last week's effect on the game, we get a special request from the rows below, we start our rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody...

68' - GOAL - Weideman get a deflection off of a Silva shot. Welcome to the madness kid!
Robins 2, Colo Colo 1

71' - Bohemian Rhapsody comes to an end. This may be a thing after all...

84' - SUB - Lambe comes off injured for Stinson

3 mins of extra time

FULL-TIME : Toronto 2, Colorado 1
Holy crap! I guessed it spot on! I was due...
Postmatch photo!
Banner courtesy of @BHTC_Mike and his peeps.
Inspired by @theyorkies1812 I've been told.

Man of the Match : Silva did it for us.  The kid was everywhere tonight and he's a tough bugger dodging tackles and keeping the ball.  Lambe is an honourable mention.

Goat of the Game First Five Minutes : Johnson for the penalty miss.

Ref Rating : 3 out of 5, as they were equally inconsistent for both sides tonight

Kit Spotting : saw a St. Pauli 3rd kit but the winner is the guy wearing the TFC kit... Toulouse FC, that is.

For a team that needs to sign some players, where the hell are they? CB or two, a forward or two, maybe a midfielder. Any time now is good... Johnson. You're breaking my heart homie. Just when we've figured out your deal and how you play, you bag one... The MarinEra(TM) is in full swing as he's managed to pull a result with barely a forward in the side. Hope he's not thinking he's on par with Houdini just yet... forgive my music nerdity but I can't help hearing this song in my head after two home games with a similar outcome (the video sucks but I find the song catchy)... Danny K may not be the best striker in the world or the league, but he's like a security blanket and without him in the side, it just feels weird... So this is officially now a streak, and not a smudge.  Crazy stuff... How messed up is it to be excited about being caught up with the bottom of the league?  On a scale of 1 to 10, it's likely an 8 but this is quite the move, all things considering... Do you think Soolsma misses us?... Lambe is a bit of a beast, isn't he.  Hope his knock isn't too bad, but the kid is tough.  If he was about 3 inches taller an 30 lbs heavier, he'd pummel defenders, wouldn't he?

Team Ratings : Kocic 7, Morgan 6, Emory 6, Ecks 6.5, Henry 6.5, Avila 6 [Wiedeman 6.5], Frings 6.5, Dunfield 6, Lambe 7 [Stinson N/A], Silva 7, Johnson 6.

@ignirtoq can be followed on Teh Twitterz if you're bored. He rarely starts conversations, but if provoked, he's been known to throw in some randomness like a Family Guy episode, except you know the reference and it's not nearly as funny as it was in his head.

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