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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hassli Now a Robin!

Nom nom nom nom.

In a move that could be described as "huh? really? that's happening?" and properly reacted to as "yeah, it happened", Eric Hassli, formerly of the Vancouver Whitecaps, has been traded for Toronto for the first round pick of the 2014 SuperDraft.

The Up Side : The man is a game changer who can materialize brilliance out of nothing, as seen here in Exhibit A and Exhibit B.  Last season, he nabbed 10 goals for Vancouver and this season he's got 2.  He can be quite the impact player, which is DeRo-esque... more like DeRo Light.

The Down Side : He can be a pain in the ass.  His discipline record is staggering accumulating 14 yellows and 3 reds in a span of 44 games.

Excitement : Hell yeah, I mean why not?!

The move seems like convenience for everyone, including Hassli.  Toronto need a striker.  Vancouver has been doing just fine with Darren Mattocks up front, so having a designated player on the bench is just a waste of resources and talent.  And he wants to play.

If Hassli can play with some passion without losing his mind, he will become a favourite.  Credit to Mariner and Co. for delivering someone with a decent resume with such a small amount of time remaining in the transfer window.

And if he can deliver a screamer goal like the links above, knowing the supporters, he'll become a legend.

Fun fact : Vancouver supporters never sang his name every 12th minute of every game for the first goal ever scored by the club.  Who does that, am I right?


  1. Hey Ignirtoq its Hassli not Hassili - thought you Canucks knew how to speak French

  2. As a Caps supporter I am very pissed. Hassli is the closest we had to an early MLS legend. Trading him to a club I hate hurts so bad. Yes he's records and has had a slow year but you got a good one. TFC fans will love him.