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Monday, July 23, 2012

THE STARTING 11: Things overheard at the Toronto v Liverpool friendly

Match highlights were hard to find

They came, they saw... they played their reserve team. The Merseyside circus has packed up its travelling roadshow as Liverpool FC move on to their next North American port of call... likely with a full squad. While Toronto fans may have felt a bit ripped off with the quality of players offered by those Reds, many did manage to have a good time at a fairly entertaining 1-1 draw. As the match and the SkyDome roof drew to a close, you couldn't help but overhear some interesting chatter amongst the Reds supporters (Canadian and English species) in blue seats...

11. "Rogers Center... Brendan Rodgers. Brendan Rodgers... Rogers Center."

10. "God Bless Amerikwa!"

9. "I think Luis Suarez just said something Canadianist"

8. "Our B-Squad is as good as their C-Squad!"

7. "I was so looking forward to not seeing Andy Carroll score"

6. "Adam Morgan ain't no Ashtone Morgan"

5. "I'm pretty sure Rafa Benitez just sold me a pretzel"

4. "No, I'm not Bruce Grobbelaar. Yes, you can stroke my moustache."

3. "It's just like being at Anfield... But after the match the tires are still on your car!"

2. "This is boring... let's go watch Eric Hassli and Craig Bellamy fight in the parking lot"

1. "You'll Never Walk Alone... You'll Always Pay Full Price"


  1. I guess that was supposed to be funny. Sorry I didn't laugh. You will have to try harder.

  2. The roof closing was seriously disappointing to me. I hated the match and will never buy another friendly again; What's the point when both teams play their b-team players...

  3. never going to be anything but a b team with the euros having just finished, the olympics about to start; naieve if you paid expecting different.

  4. Not the slightest bit funny, and I've news for you- my car's parked at Anfield for every game and left untouched and intact. Your 'joke' is a form of racism

    1. Regionalism, most likely. Racism it isn't. Liverpudlians are not distinct in any way shape or form.

      You're like Hitler except you didn't lead the Third Reich (or any Reich), you didn't call for the execution of people of a particular religious belief, nor did you invade anyone or have a ridiculous mustache.

      Otherwise, just like Hitler.

  5. I'm not sure what was expected by people. I bought my (overpriced) 500 Level ticket knowing full well that all Euro players would be out and that Suarez and a few others would be playing for their countires.

    It was the first match under a new manager...again I have no clue what people expected.

    It was about the badge on the front of the shirt and the few starters that were there, as well as a chance to glimpse at the future. for TFC it was a bit of fun and they gave a few of their promising Academy players a run out.

    Win win for both sides, and some entertainment for the fans...provided you didn't expect to see Steven Gerrard and Co.

  6. This website is abusive towards Rafa Benitezes and/or pretzel merchants.

    Get a grip ladies.

  7. People who expected "A" teams are clueless about the nature of these friendlies.