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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

CHANTS ON GOAL: "It's usually quite loud"

"What do you mean 'no one knows the theme song'?"

From the band who brought you the South Stand’s first full-length version of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody (well most of the words at least)… it’s time for another sing-along! It’s been a while since we’ve had a midweek hymn sheet, but hey… we ain’t out curing diseases, so here you go! Gargle… "me-me-me-meee"… and now with gusto so that all of BMO Field will join in… or at least the half-dozen drunks around you…
After six years in the South End we kind of get that rhythmic "oohing" seems to catch on. Let’s shake it up with this ode to TFC’s ability to play with our mental state…

(To the tune of "She Drives Me Crazy")

You drive us crazy! (Ooh-oooh)
Like no one else! (Ooh-oooh)
You drive us crazy,
But we can’t help ourselves!

Oh you knew this was coming the day he signed. Plus – no one knows the "Quincy" theme song. We asterixed out the naughty words but if you want to egg on Don "No Swears For You" Garber – remove the asterixes and eff away…

(To the tune of "America! F*ck Yeah!")


Amarikwa, F*ck Yeah!
Joinin' The Reds to score some f*ckin’ goals, Yeah!

Amarikwa! F*ck Yeah!
Forward is the only way, Yeah!

(Video now with 30% more low-budget Captain America DVD)

And for today’s final lesson – we thought we’d expand on the long lost "This Is Our House" with a tribute to the tin shack we lovingly call home…

(To the tune of "Our House" – 2nd verse)

Our house it has a crowd
We’re supporting TFC
And it’s usually quite loud

Our club - we are so proud
Nothing ever slows em’ down
And a loss is not allowed

Our house, in the middle of The Ex
Our house, in the middle of The Ex

(Repeat chorus until you’re tired)

Got a song or a chant you think TFC supporters need to hear? Email it to us at or send us the idea on Twitter @theyorkies1812 and we may feature it in a future "Chants on Goal"


  1. Those are all ace man! I promise to try out all of those in 115 on the weekend. Once I'm drunk of course.

  2. The Anne Murray version of The Maple Leaf Forever, as sung at the close of Maple Leaf Gardens, needs to be done.