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Thursday, July 26, 2012

"He came, he drank, he left" - Miguel Aceval's Wall of Honour induction delayed

"Where's the party at?"

The only question is "how did it take so long?" Reports emerged this afternoon that Toronto FC and portly Chilean "defender"/ tequila aficionado Miguel Aceval have "mutually parted" ways. Brought in to TFC during the off-season alongside equally successful Ecuadorian Geovanny Caicedo, Aceval was touted to be one half of a South American centreback pairing that would solve The Reds' six-year defensive crisis. Not so much.
With less than a dozen appearances in TFC rouge, most of them looking slow, flat-footed and out of shape, Aceval leaves as yet another failed defensive experiment and takes his equally portly salary with him. Of course, Aceval will always own a bit of club infamy as he was one of the "TFC Three" players arrested in Houston earlier this year on public intoxication charges. With the earlier departure of Nick Soolsma, only Luis Silva survived the cull of TFC's "criminal element".
It will now be up to MLS nuclear scientists/ mathematicians to figure out how much of Aceval's salary will return to TFC's coffers and up to Mariner & Co. to replace a guy who wasn't even part of the team anyways. To the local Chilean who ran out and bought an Aceval TFC jersey in March... lo sentimos.
Further rumours are floating in the BMO ether today that the club are ready to sign Bermudian goalkeeper Freddy Hall. The 27-year old who flirted with Northampton Town would add cover to Milos & The Gang and possibly allow for the shopping of Stefan Frei once he regains health. If Hall sends mad Tweets like his countryman Reggie Lambe - we're all in.
Official word* will be linked below...
(* As this is TFC - official word should emerge in mid-November)

Those devils proved us wrong. TFC's official Migual Aceval statement (here)

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