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Monday, July 2, 2012

THE STARTING 11: Ways Joao Plata spent the Canada Day Long Weekend

"See you guys in six months... or not... who really knows?"

As of this moment, the status of Joao Plata is still in a state of "he said/ Quito said/ TFC said nothing/ Mariner yelled". Since Plata retweeted a message Friday evening claiming confirmation that he was returning to his native Ecuador, there has been a flurry of denials, rumours and malarkey surrounding the pint-sized favourite. If you want to predict the future based on manager Paul Mariner's post-game reaction to Plata's public posturing, you could fairly guess that we may have seen the last of "El MosQuito" in TFC red. Thus, with departure imminent, what better time for Plata to spend some final moments in Toronto than on a National holiday weekend...
11. Met up with some Canadian girls on Twitter - prematurely retweeted
10. Tearfully watched video of highlights of his goal celebration dances with Maicon Santos in slow motion to the Dirty Dancing hit "(I've Had) The Time of my Life"
9.Went out for a drink with Miguel Aceval on Friday night. Woke up Sunday afternoon... in Thunder Bay
8. Spent four hours with an English-Spanish dictionary and his contract trying to figure out what club he actually plays for
7. Stocked up at Gap Kids
6. Finally finished a whole TimBit all on his own
5. Said a long, tearful, face-to-face goodbye with Adrian Cann's abs
4. Spent the day at Canada's Wonderland desperately searching for a ride he was "This Tall To Ride"
3. Finally played some Canadian table hockey. Made 23 saves in net
2. Successfully climbed all of the stairs up to the CN Tower's lobby for charity
1. Somehow, managed to make MLSE look even MORE incompetent

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