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Monday, August 20, 2012

THE STARTING 11: Toronto FC-related CNE attractions

Cummins, Carver, Preki, Winter and Dasovic - Live at The Bandshell

Every year around this time, a long-honoured tradition takes place at Toronto's Exhibition Place. No it's not when Toronto FC is mathematically eliminated form the playoffs (you correct cynics!) but rather the Canadian National Exhibition. The 134-year old civic institution brings citizens from across Southern Ontario to bask in a two week bacon-covered, carny-hassled, Def Leppard souvenir mirrored festival of delights (and bargain-priced leather belts) which marks the end of summer. Of course, the Exhibition Grounds are also host to local go-getters Toronto FC which leads us to wonder how the carnival would look if The Reds & Co. ran the whole show...
11. MLSE's House of (Smoke and) Mirrors
10. Adrian Cann's Guess your Age, Weight and Number of Abs
9. Nightly fireworks/ 2013 season ticket renewal form giant bonfire
8. Whack-A-Mo
7. The Bulova Playoff Watch Tower (DEMOLISHED)
6. Ex-TFC managers sing the hits of The Village People
5. The Overpriced Food Building
4. The Annual Butty Carving Competition
3. Eric Hassli Kiddie Neck Tattoos
2. Ice Cream Waffles/ Front Office waffling
1. The Better Living Next Year Building

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