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Thursday, August 2, 2012

THE SOUTH STAND REPORT: Toronto v CD Aguila... or this is why you go to ALL the games, just in case something happens.

Sorry, I did this from memory.
I think they rescued a princess once...
it's like the stars above a crest for winning tournaments.

I think I could really get excited about this tournament... except nobody else really does.  Sure, the smaller Central American/Caribbean national champs probably look at this as "the big time" but I fear no one else does.  It's nice to win silverware and all, but it doesn't capture the imagination like, well, every other Champions League that is out there.  Mexican and US sides look at it with somewhat importance, but given how underclassed Toronto has been, yet snagged some significant results when needed, we won't be confusing a Monterrey v Real Salt Lake final with a Barca v Inter finale any time soon.  Underdogs love this tournament.  Big ones, not so much.

CD Aguila are the defending Clausura champions of El Salvador.  For those that don't know what that means, CD Aguila won the second half-season championship because what league would be complete without having more than one champion in a given year?  Which is funny, given Canada crowns a national champion between four clubs.  Welcome to CONCACAF! #amIRight?

Predictions were mostly pro-TFC.  @kzknowles had 3-1, @WakingtheRed had a absolute nutter of a 6-1, a few 1-0 (including mine), a 2-1 and a 1-0 to CD Aguila.

On to the match...

Quote of the Match:

BMO Field - Where they introduce the crowd to the players
~ LutonTony (formerly known as the President of the Luton Town FC
Supporters Club of North America) in reaction to the paltry turnout.

6' - Henry appears to head in a bad clearance by the Aguila keeper, and the ref calmly waits for the ball to cross the goal line before doing anything about it.

10' - GOAL - Corner kick delivered by Frings into the box, Silva heads it perfectly into the top left corner.  "Pick that out!" (a la Graham Leggat)
Robins 1, Naranjas 0

17' - GOAL - Silva breaks in right side of the box and slides a pretty ball to Lambe who pots it cooly.
Robins 2, Naranjas 0

37' - GOAL - Aguila free kick from 20 yards out forces Kocic to make a diving save but can't quite old on to it, Perez is there to tap in the loose ball.  Game on?
Robins 2, Naranjas 1

40' - GOAL - No.  Game over.  Henry fires a low cross in that's perfectly tapped in by Terry "Mother F**kin'" Dunfield.
Robins 3, Naranjas 1 

That's Terry Alonso!
~ man two rows in front after a comparison of TFC to Barca.

Half-Time Mood : Crushed optimism after realizing we only play them once at home.

48' - GOAL - Lambe puts a low ball just past the unfortunate Aguila keeper.  Magical.  Just magical.
Robins 4, Naranjas 1

58' - GOAL - Through ball from Silva to Johnson, who goes around the keeper and calmly fires into the empty net.  Shock was both that I'm in person for a thrashing in our favour AND that Johnson didn't fire it past the post.
Robins 5, Naranjas 1 

61' - SUB - Frings gets a nice round of applause and makes way for Maund.

Then this happened (if you like crap puns that could easily be headlines, keep reading) :

Lambe's skills are mutton to laugh about
~ Mikey

Hat-tricks don't come sheep

He's playing so well he should be playing for Baa-aaa-celona
~ LutonTony

Seriously, I love all of you buggers.  Don't ever change.

72' - SUB - Johnson makes way for Amarikwa.

75' - SUB - Henry comes off for Taylor Hall.

Announced attendance was 5300.  For once they decided not to lie about who was there and I respect them for it.

3 mins of extra time.

Full Time : Toronto 5, CD Aguila 1

Man of the Match : Luis Silva.  He set up 2 and bagged 1.  He looked amazing in the first half.  He was looking like a 10 but everyone took their foot off the gas by the 70th minute.  Forgiven.

Goat of the Game : Are you serious?  At 3-1 there wasn't going to be one.  At 5-1, someone should go on the Wall of Honour.

Ref Rating : 3 out of 5.  I know its generous after the early non-goal call back, but he was bad for both sides and kept his cards in his pocket for most of the match.

Kit Spotting : Saw a Sport Club Internacional from Brazil which should win, but I was such a nerd for the awesome Angola kit from the World Cup in 2006 that it wins.

Wow.  Heady stuff.  It was hard to tell if Aguila were taking Toronto too lightly or were just over-classed in general.  They took a helluva beating... The gentleman in front of me remarked at how relaxed Frings looks every time he takes a corner.  Torsten has probably taken more free kicks, in practice and in games, than I've ever kicked a ball... Mr. Reggie Lambe, please do not take these lame puns under any offense.  We genuinely respect your contribution to this side.  Thank you... Silva did look like a seasoned pro and by no means a rookie.  Half expected Frings to hand him the armband when he was subbed off... Wiedeman is a little awkward out there.  He's in position, but doesn't look the most comfortable... I suspect that there will be a papering or a Groupon for the next Champions Lg match against Laguna Santos.  Sub-6000 isn't enough for that match.

Match Ratings : Kocic 6, Henry 6.5, Eckersley 6, Emory 6, Morgan 6, Lambe 8.5, Frings 8 [Maund N/A], Dunfield 7.5, Wiedeman 6; Silva 9, Johnson 7


  1. thank you for not pointing out that my 6-1 prediction came after we scored the 4th. you make me look like a genius, as opposed to the pessimistic coward who was actually predicting 1-0 before the game started. god bless you sir.

  2. I thought about putting in the footnote that it came at half time, but it was far more comedic that you might be Nostradamus than just being a smart-ass so I went for funny.

  3. Pessimistic coward!? You're a coward with a lot to say behind the keyboard. So what I predicted 0-1? Six year season ticket holder I can say what I want. They won and I was gladly proven wrong.