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Thursday, October 18, 2012

"OMG! Rollback prices are like sooooo 2007!"

"Keep rollin', rollin' rollin'..."

We haven't had to eat a lot of crow in regards to Toronto FC over the years but today they prepared us a wee Crow Butty. While most supporters have been very vocal in their demand for lower prices on season tickets in 2013 before renewing - we had little belief that the club would actually come through. For a change, they proved us wrong. Very wrong.
In a seemingly spontaneous (but obviously not) media gathering today, MLSE President Tom Anselmi announced a major rollback in season ticket pricing which will see existing TFC season ticket holders pay the same amount they did for their seats in 2007. Claiming a need for a renewal in the club's "relationship with the fans", Anselmi introduced the scheme which among other incentives will include a ticket to the season opener... in Montreal's Olympic Stadium. The MLSE Board Meeting where this was all hashed out must have been spewing painful, money-losing fire and brimstone.
Jokes aside, we give kudos to TFC/MLSE for making the right decision for their fans. It is a move that will staunch the bleeding of season ticket holders and just maybe give supporters less of a feeling of being used and abused by the ownership. That being said, short-term forgiveness will not be followed with forgetfulness from fans as it was six years of bumbling that forced MLSE’s hand today – not jolly goodwill towards men.
Indeed, all football sins will not be dismissed by supporters but a reprieve may be offered in 2013. Many who weren't going to return to BMO Field may do so now but they will still require one more solution in the long-term… better football. While Anselmi offered few details beyond post-season analysis of the on-field product, he definitely did not go as far as offering Paul Mariner & Co. a vote of confidence. Some media in attendance have taken this as a broadside for further personnel changes before 2013 but that remains to be seen.
You did a correct move today Toronto FC. Supporters will appreciate it for the most part. But... it was "A" move and not "THE" move necessary for restoring the once vaunted BMO Field "atmosphere" that Anselmi referred to today. Use the goodwill you got from some supporters today as a springboard to fix the club on the pitch next - don't rest on financial laurels... again. Give us wins and we will give you more atmosphere than you can measure. Prove us wrong again please. We will happily eat more tasty, tasty crow.


  1. was "A" move and not "THE" move necessary..

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