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Friday, November 9, 2012

Get Fit met Koef!

"Lesh get fishical!"

If there is one overarching theme to this site - it is high-intensity physical fitness. We are practically aware addicted to "healthy body - healthy mind" here at The Yorkies. Sadly, the long, dark winter months of the TFC off-season aren't always conducive to calisthenics and regimented diet plans so we seek extra motivation. Alas, we look to our heroes in Red - those specimens of success - The Eff Cee's, for that ultimate push.
Looking at the TFC squad, there is only one man whose dedication to fitness and tremendous physique is worthy of such adulation. Sadly, Adrian Cann wasn't available and the only guy staying in town is Danny Koevermans. The "burly" Dutchman often arrives to preseason in conditions described as "here" or "sort of winded". With such a great scoring touch, his tight shirts are usually ignored until he regains fitness in July but coming off an injury and with such excuses an emphasis on last year's team fitness - this winter will be different. In Koef's own words "I will train everyday - except on weekends"... we like that kind of fire.
Luckily for fitness aficionados, "Koef" actually had a popular fitness series back when he was playing in The Netherlands. "Tweeëntwintig Minuten Koefuit" (22 Minute Koef-Out) was Holland's twenty-eighth most popular fitness video and pamphlet series and is still just as valuable today! With this easy to follow plan, you too can be "a bit less hefty" by Spring! (Translated from original Dutch)
HET WERK UIT (The workout)
- Rekken / Mengen pannekoekbeslag (stretching/ mixing pancake batter) 1 min
- Raak je klompen (Touch your clogs) 1 min
- Rookpauze (Smoke break) 2 mins
- Springen Johans (Jumping Jacks) 1 min
- Pannenkoek tijd (Pancake time) 4 min
- Gewichtheffen hazelnootpasta (Powerlifting giant Nutella jars) 1 min
- Kolonisten van Catan (Settlers of Catan) 10 mins
- Afkoelen / grap oproep Nick Soolsma (Cool down/ Prank call Nick Soolsma) 2 mins
EET DEZE! (What to eat)
- Groene groenten (Green vegetables)
- Romig Gouda saus voor groenten (Creamy cheese sauce for vegetables)
- 8 glazen water (8 glasses of water)
- 9 glazen chocolademelk (9 chocolate milks)
- Appels (Apples)
- Taart (Pie)
- Appeltaart (Apple pie)
- Fanta (Fanta)
- Noten (Nuts)
- Nutella (Nutella)
- Mayonaise ("Everything Sauce")
- Zeven dagelijkse porties van pannenkoek (7 daily servings of pancake)
- Volg met een gezonde lunch, diner en snacks (Follow with a balanced lunch, dinner and snack)
- Roken (A smoke)
"Vergeet niet, gezond is een 22/5 baan!"
("Being healthy is a 22 minute, 5 day a week job!")

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