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Monday, January 28, 2013

THE STARTING 11: Ways Ryan Nelsen passes the time on transatlantic flights

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It's hard not to take a shine to our new New Zealish new overlord Ryan Nelsen. During his few appearances so far in Toronto he has come across as an affable and thoughtful gent who is genuinely excited about his opportunity to manage TFC. Of course his hiring wasn't without controversy - especially the early fears that he wouldn't arrive for duty until after the Premier League season ended. Of course that has now been sorted, and hand-wringing has been decreased, but Nelsen still has to fly back-and-forth to London a few times before he settles in Toronto for good. The man must be running out of passport pages by now which makes us wonder… just how does he spend his time on those numerous and annoying long-haul flights?
11. Tries to figure out how many more Air Miles he needs to buy the southern half of New Zealand
10. Attempts to figure out what Jim Brennan actually does
9. Assigns each TFC player a character from Lord of the Rings
8. Gets around to reading Andrew Boyens' four dozen recent text messages "RE: Job"
7. Works on the lyrics for his upcoming debut hip-hop album "Straight Outta Christchurch"
6. Reads all three pages of the book "Legends of New Zealand Soccer"... again
5. Gets back to doing Harry Redknapp's taxes
4. Has one too many complimentary in-flight wines... starts calling the flight attendant "a shining light"
3. Wanders around the cabin giving Australians the stink-eye
2. Plays game of "Angry Kiwis" on his phone
1. Relaxes in business class; reads over Toronto FC depth chart; weeps gently

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