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Monday, April 15, 2013

THE STARTING 11: Philadelphia wordplay we managed to resist

On loan from QPR

We know what we are. We have an ounce of self-awareness that we dabble often in the dark arts of punnage and hackneyed gagging. It is our chip butty bread and butter. See? Of all MLS fixtures, we find the Philadelphia matchups the hardest when it comes to resisting temptation of woeful wordsmithing. Philly offers so many rich veins to tap - from Fresh Princeses, Cosbys (Cosbi?), Brother Loving, both cheese and steaks and of course Rockybalboas. Despite our love of phraseturning, we did manage to ignore these sitters this past weekend. Set eyes to "roll"...
11. "Chester Cheat-oh's"
10. "Reds get off to a Rocky start""
9. "Le Toux legit to quit"
8. "Hey Farfan. Hey Farfan. Why don't you come home with a real team?"
7. Nah, nah, nah, Ali Gerba - Hey! Hey! Hey!"
6. "Sideline analysis from ADRIAAAAAAAN Serioux"
5. "Huxtable sweater kits"
4. "Hoagie Ephraim"
3. "Referees just don't understand"
2. "If we tie... we tie"
1. "Bendik got in one little foul and we all got scared, but the goal was disallowed which we all found fair"

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