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Sunday, May 26, 2013

AFTER 90: "The Blurst a Man Can Get"


KICK OFF:  Apparently this is supposed to be one of TFC's "winnable" away fixtures. Uh-huh. With an injured list that looks like an episode of M*A*S*H and without the valuable hard work and determination of the waived John Bostock (MegaLOLz), The Reds try to tea party their way out of another dismal night on the road. And now... all of the exciting, interesting and spectacular moments of the match...









We could say more - but really - why? What could we add today that a) you didn't know already. b) you haven't heard hundreds of times here. So yeah. Shining Lights that bind us all.


  1. Chin up Yorkies, May has been the cruelest month, 5 games played - 1 goal scored by TFC -Braun in San Jose. The best back four in the world could not win games for a team that scores once a month.
    Perhaps not exciting or spectacular - but positives include
    Brockie -effort and energy noted, Laba coming along nicely, Osorio a step up from Lambe.
    Trade of Califf rumoured to Philly for international spot. If there is to be a big splash signing for summer - June is when that business will be done.....

  2. Two bottom MLS sides on a poor weather evening: what do you expect?

    Osorio celebrated his MNT call up with a strong half, while the 3rd overall pick in the Super Draft at least made it to the bench this week. Laba is pretty solid: far better tackler than de Guzman ever was, has sound technique, which really showed on this slippery Field Turf where first touch skill was important. On the opposite side of the coin, Hall's lack of technical skill was exposed on a number of occasions where his poor first touch led to possession losses in the build up play.

    Henry's athleticism was highlighted a number of times defensively: thought he did okay out there. Brockie has a work ethic but lacks quality. Reggie Lambe is Jake Peterson 2.0.

  3. "What do you expect?" Not talking for the writers on here but I as a fan expect them not to be the same laughing stock 7 years later with the team and us fans still using weather and injuries as an excuse. I expect better than the worst when we've only had the worst.

  4. You really had to be there to appreciate how horrid the conditions and the pitch were. Just plain awful.