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Monday, May 27, 2013

THE STARTING 11: Rejected New York City Expansion Club names

Harry Redknapp thinks New York is "triffic"

Here in Toronto, we're no strangers to MLS expansion clubs. Why, we've had one for seven years now! Alas, there is a new club on the horizon who will make the playoffs before Toronto FC, the long-rumoured "NYC2" club - now christened New York City FC. Don Garber's long-term wet dream to drive New York Red Bulls into oblivion create a NYC Derby has come true with the help of upstart, community-run, charity club Manchester City - thus the new branding. Despite protests in some circles, we actually dig the name as roller-hockey "sawker team" names don't jive (*cough* Impact *cough*) with us. However, NYCFC wasn't the only club branding considered for the Big Apple’s latest team...
11. Manahattanchester City
10. Monster Energy Drink (R) New York
9. Young Boys Flushing
8. Go Ahead Bagels
7. Hotdogger SV
6. Queens' Park New York Rangers
5. I'm Walkin' Heerenveen!
4. Jay-Z Alkmaar
3. Deportivo de La Guardia
2. SexInThe City FC
1. Cosmos Kramer

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