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Thursday, May 9, 2013

"Wait until I get you a loan..." Reds bag another cast-off as Ben Haim joins TFC

Ben Haim: Loan boy

If it's Thursday that must mean another temporary signing from the bargain bin of English football. In their attempt to become the QPR of MLS (at least until June 30th) TFC has added Israeli International defender Tal Ben Haim... wait for it... on loan.
According to Kevin "The Loan Arranger" Payne "Tal Ben Haim has been one of the top defenders in the EPL for nearly a decade". According to everybody else, Ben Haim has played on seven clubs in the last decade and has exactly ten first team appearances since 2010. So pretty much samesies. Managing a whole three league appearances on a QPR team that plummeted to the depths of relegation this year, it must have been a wrenching decision for Harry Redknapp to let such an important jewel depart.
We're no mathematicians here at The Yorkies but by our calculations, Toronto FC is now made up of 78% loan signings. On June 30th when they expire we should be left with Reggie Lambe, Logan Emory and Jim Brennan. Fact*. (*Not a fact)
If this article seems ridiculous and exasperated it is because we are a bit exasperated and the news is a bit ridiculous. We are well aware of TFC's many, many, MANY shortcomings but how are the constant additions of temporary Band-Aids (of the slow veteran or misfit variety) in any way building this club for the future? What preparations for 2014 are actually taking place when a big portion of your first team isn't scheduled to be here in July 2013?
The other side of the rent-a-player equation is the knock-on effect on the actual players on full contracts. The acquisitions of Ben Haim and Steven Caldwell before him are an obvious shot across Danny Califf's tattooed bow. TFC's defence has indeed been porous, flaccid and in need of help but how a set of temporary cast-offs from England's nether regions helps that in the long-term is way beyond us. As usual, the constant at TFC is change.

Corey Haim: Lost Boy

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