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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Not in a Friendly mood

"Please sir, can you pound on us some more?"

"In all my years of managing the business of TFC, one thing I have learned is that you cannot predict,"
- Paul Beirne; TFC VP of Business Operations
"If TFC hints at something on their official website it's already a done deal."
- Me; Angry Person/ TFC Victim
Keen observers of Toronto FC over the years will have long realized that the club's official website is not so much a place for news but rather the launch pad for propaganda and public relations test balloons. If a story is headlined: "Joe the Plumber settling into Toronto" you can guarantee that Joe the Plumber is your new starting midfielder for the foreseeable future. Thus, when yesterday's story, "Report: International Friendly Coming?" appeared - you could confidently remove the question mark.
Exciting stuff right? Another exhilarating day out as we munch on the scraps of UEFA's summer holiday crumbs, hoping our star players avoid season-ending injuries. So the only question is - who is coming? Could it be Manchester United? Borussia Dortmund? Be still our backwater hearts... Barcelona?!
The answer? WHO F*CKING CARES???!!!
Listen here Toronto FC, this city is not the football-starved outpost it once was, desperately awaiting a Santa Clausesque annual visit from a European club working on their tans. No - we have our own football club that plays in North America's top tier and many of us are still passionate about it despite your "best efforts". You may have heard of them - The FC's... something.
We want 100% of Toronto FC's management resources going into fixing the disaster created against all odds despite being given every opportunity in MLS to do the opposite. Stop, stop, stop the addiction to bells and whistles and concentrate fully on making TFC the best MLS club and environment and not the grateful redshirted-stepchild begging for more of UEFA's gruel. Look back at the first "major" international friendly against Real Madrid and ask - good for the club? Or, the beginning of the snowball of discontent that has neutered BMO Field's once vicious stands.
We will NOT be appeased.
Going to TFC matches has become a struggle for many long-term supporters. What once was the day of the week you couldn't wait for now often feels like a duty or an obligation. The commute to and from BMO Field sometimes holding the air of penance. The only fans that would be truly pumped to trek down to Exhibition Place will be those who may support the opposition as their "childhood" club. For the vast majority who support TFC and not the visitors, it will just be another example of sizzle over steak of which this club has dined on for seven very long years.
When the inevitable happens and this friendly is announced against Real City United FC, the only remaining mystery will be if the club is smart enough to give out free tickets to its long-long-long suffering season ticket holders. However, if they are dumb enough to think the distraction noodle of another friendly is enough to make us forget that we are as far from success as we were in 2007, forgive us for not holding our breath on that one.
Until we see a story on the TFC website titled "Report: TFC to come to their senses?" we will have to let them know we want #SilverwareNotFriendlies at every opportunity.


  1. Why are you complaining about this? Im not a season ticket holder but always go to the friendlies against big time teams. Love to see the stars and see how TFC compete against them. Its fun

    1. Well hey, more power to you. Hope you have a good day out - we won't be seeing you there.

      Personally I prefer to see them finding a way to compete against Columbus, New York and Chicago and not against "big time" teams.


  2. We all wish TFC was more competitive, as fans we have been let down year over year with the quality. When international friendlies come to town fans deserve to see quality as a TFC fan we are deprived.

    1. But if locals need to see some quality, would they not be better served by two foreign teams facing off rather than one "big time" team beating the crap out of TFC's quality-free B-Squad?

      Just can't see how a run-out for TFC reserves against a UEFA club helps their careers or makes locals feel good about The Reds.

      In my personal opinion it reduces us to the sparring partner in the helmet who is paid to take bodyblows against a prize fighter while risking injury.

      Happy to hear your opinions though, cheers.

    2. Yorkies, I totally agree. Two foreign teams against each other wouldn't bother anyone, and would amuse many. TFC will already be stretched due to the Gold Cup and their endless injury bugs. I predict Ecks will injure something else while exchanging pennants or jerseys.


  3. Good article Yorkie's. This is exact what the front office needs to hear. We are not a cash cow.

  4. Hear! Hear!


    if a friendly we must, no more sparring partner action please