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Monday, June 17, 2013

THE STARTING 11: Worst Toronto FC-themed Father's Day gifts

It has to be a Rongen (TM)!
Pity those poor dads who fall victim to the hackneyed cliché that are terrible Father's Day gifts. Pity-squared those poor papas who have taken that dark path in life referred to as "Toronto FC Supporter" who receive those aforementioned terrible gifts as well. Pity-thrice those poor pops who get one of those terrible gifts that is inspired from their TFC support. Gifts like these...
11. Anything from The Thomas Rongen Bow Tie Collection
10. The four-CD set "Justin Braun Sings the Hits of Linda Ronstadt"
9. A mint-condition Danleigh Borman rookie card
8. "Mastercraft Reggie Lambe 1-In-6 Brake Pads" from Canadian Tire
7. Gift certificates for "Paul Mariner's Gentleman's Formalwear Emporium"
6. Dinner and drinks at Club Escobar
5. The new "Schick Razor for Jim Brennans" with dual Van Dyke technology
4. Two dinner theatre tickets for the one-man show: "Raivis Hscanovics: My Lf Stry"
3. An autographed picture of Jacob Peterson giving the Canadian flag the finger
2. A gift basket of hair products from "Dichio For Men"
1. "Butty-In-A-Can"

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