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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ginge Binge! Reds fill up on Michael Thomas... Sign Caldwell to permanent deal


A minor addition to the Toronto FC midfield today as TFC announced that they have acquired Michael Thomas from Sporting KC in exchange for a 2nd Round Pick in the 2015 SuperDraft. Little more than a depth move, not that there's anything wrong with that, but he could at least pretend that his extra first name was Philip.

The Kansas native returned to MLS with his home-state team after a couple of years playing in Sweden but had done little to prove his value in Sporting's busy midfield. An athletic if unspectacular player, despite Kevin Payne's protestations that he's one for the future, Thomas will likely fill a hole on the bench and eat minutes during the busy "friendly season".

Thomas does add to TFC's growing "ginger" depth though which bodes well for the important marketing towards Toronto's Irish, Scottish and Viking communities. He's no Philip Michael Thomas... but hey, who really is?

"Ladies and gentleman, #88... (mumble) MICHAEL THOMAS!"

But then, just to steal the thunder from Michael Thomas' marquee signing...

TFC has handed a permanent contract to big Scottish defender Steven Caldwell through 2015. While this deal will undoubtedly be an expensive one, it is hard to diminish the improvement to the backline that Caldwell's experience has brought.

Now, to just improve the midfield and forward positions to match the pricey expectations of TFC's sudden "Million Dollar D".

"Bank of Scotland son!"


  1. TFC need a midfield general,with good technical skills and makes thr right decisions on the field
    Middlebrough released Julio Arca,and he would be a perfect fit,still an excellent player for this level

    1. Agreed. Winter had to bring in one in Frings when De Guzman fell far short of what Dutchman's expectations for a midfield general, and though the German's wheels fell off last year after injuries, he was a bona fide leader out there.

      Too bad Caldwell wasn't signed at the start of last year. Would have made a huge difference. Too bad they didn't have the cap space.