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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Elmer - The Safety Signing

 "Out of my way! I'm off to play with Diego Forlan!"
After weeks of searching, TFC finally got their man! Okay, maybe not "their man" but TFC got "a man". When The Reds' scouting department was told to search high and low they really took it literally and plumbed the depths of Switzerland's 2nd Division finding left back Jonas Elmer.

After regaling supporters with wondrous tales of 4-5 major signings including the possibility of 2 DP's, TFC has instead made yet another depth signing. While there is nothing wrong with depth (although using so many international slots on them is peculiar) this latest move will be met by suffering supporters with another resounding "... meh."

The 25-year old Elmer (Safety Elephant, Fudd or glue to be determined) has spent the lion's share (or mountain goat… whatevs) of his career traversing the Swiss lower divisions including 21 appearances in 2013 for his most recent club FC Winterthur. For some reason, Canadian TV chooses to ignore the Swiss Challenge League (what gives, racialists?) so few around these parts know what to expect from Elmer. Obviously Nelsen & Co. are feeling the pinch at LB since Darren O'Dea's departure and Ashtone Morgan's "Transfer to San Jose" performances this year but the move is a bit of an odd one.

The jury will long be out on the young Swiss but again, it is a signing that will do nothing to soothe the savage South Stand souls. Since the Laba signing, The woeful Reds have "built for the future" by adding an MLS journeyman, a Spanish Xerox machine, an Atlanta Silverback on loan and Miami Vice's "other guy" Philip Michael Thomas. Huzzah 2014!
Safe in the back

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