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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

FRIENDLY VIDEO: Highlights of Rome

Yeah, we're sucking on it going on 7 years friendo.
We know that many of you, like us, have decided not to attend tonight's friendly at BMO Field. If you visit our corner of the TFC universe regularly then you are aware of our thoughts on mid-season friendlies and are as sick of hearing them as we are sick of the club continuing down this greedy path.

Your own reasons for staying home and not donating to the "MLSE Make Our Wish Foundation" may be as simple as not wanting to stand in the rain to watch meaningless spectacle. Or, you may be put off by seeing your hometown club reduced to bush-league sparring partner while fawning over the "big club" from Europe like a Tiger Beat pin-up. Whatever your reason, welcome friendly friends.

With that out of the way, we do believe that you - loyal TFC supporter - still deserve to be a part of the Rome extravaganza. So, as a service to kindred spirits, here are Rome video highlights far more important and thoroughly more entertaining than anything on offer down at "TottiPalooza".

On to the video stream...

See you on Saturday silent minority... for a real match.


  1. I paid $30 for a ticket to see Totti a living legend play, Pjanic who is a talented young prospect play, Bradley a rising star and De Sanctis who is a backup to Gigi Buffon. It's not my fault you support a losing team that becomes worse every year. I live in Mississauga btw I just choose to not support a team that continually doesn't improve.

    1. Congrats. What's your point? Where in this article did it blame Roma fans? I'm a Roma fan and a TFC season ticket holder since 2009 and even though I went last night, there is good reason to be angry with whats going on.

      So you don't support TFC - trying to show you're smarter than everyone who does? What if you lived in Italy but in a Serie B or C town - would'nt support them because they lose too?

  2. My point is there is nothing wrong with these friendlies. I supported TFC for the first 2 seasons but I'm not gonna support failure cause that's what TFC is a failure. Vancouver joined MLS last year and made the playoffs in their inaugural season. How long has TFC been in the league?

    PS I do follow a team in the lower leagues of Italy, my hometown their name is Reggina